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How Promotional Mugs Can Bring New Customers to the Table

11th February 2022 in Branding Advice

The nature of interactions between brands and customers influences their purchasing intent and opinion towards the brand. Even though social media and digital marketing have dramatically changed the way businesses interact with their customers, some traditional marketing strategies are still effective in helping companies stand out from the competition in an extremely crowded market. While it is easy to stay in touch with customers through posts and ads on social media, it is not always enough for new customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. That’s where promotional products come into the picture!

Mugs – The Best Promotional Product

Wouldn’t it be great if your existing or potential customer could see your brand name and logo first thing in the morning, at home or after coming to work? The good news is it is possible – with Promotional Mugs! A recent survey found that more than 63% of adults in the UK drink tea and coffee regularly. This means mugs are used extensively for this purpose, making them one of the most practical promotional items in the market. Promotional mugs have a high recall rate and can put your brand out there for everyone to notice and remember.

But that’s not all.

There are several other advantages of using promotional mugs in your marketing campaigns.

Longevity – Mugs can last for years or even decades, depending on the usage. No matter how old they get, they can still serve their purpose well, both, for the user as well as your brand. Branded mugs are one of the best ways of advertising your name, logo, and message for several years to come.

Cost-Effectiveness – Promotional mugs are often a one-time investment. And they do not cost much, to begin with! Mugs can be printed and ordered in bulk and used to increase awareness about your brand or reward your customers, even with a tight marketing budget.

Bringing New Customers to the Table with Promotional Mugs

The most vital aims of any marketing strategy are increasing new customers and generating more sales. And using promotional mugs in your campaign can be effective in achieving both. Unlike other large and expensive promotional items, branded mugs have the advantage of being handy and inexpensive. This makes it easy for you to hand them out as gifts at events and conferences, to potential customers who may be looking for a brand like yours. And the best part is, you do not need to be a food or drink brand to give away promotional mugs. Because of their universal appeal, they can be used by all kinds of brands for business promotion.

Moreover, it is highly unlikely that your branded mugs will remain unused once in the hands of your future customers. Regular use of mugs that carry your name, logo, and message will help integrate your brand into your customer’s daily life and buying habits, such that they will prefer buying from your brand time and time again. Promotional mugs are great for helping potential customers bond with your brand and compelling them to trust and buy from you.

Branded mugs are timeless! And highly effective in bringing new customers to the table. So if your marketing campaign aims to increase brand awareness and get more customers to buy your products, make them feel special by giving them promotional mugs with your logo on them. What’s more is you can choose from thousands of different styles and materials, including ceramic mugs, full-colour mugs, plastic mugs, porcelain or bone china mugs. Not sure which design is right for your brand? Our branding experts at EverythingBranded can help you pick the best ones from our extensive collection of promotional mugs.

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