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Branded Promotional Products

Hello! You have arrived at EverythingBranded.co.uk, the Leicester Company with over 10,000 different promotional products that can be personalised to your business and printed for your next campaign or marketing activity.

We are based in the great city of Leicester, just outside the main city centre and with easy access from the M1, which is perfect for our extra fast courier deliveries. We have a ground floor Showroom that is open 5 days a week, with a free carpark outside, where you can talk to one of our Account Managers about choosing the perfect products to promote your business. The showroom has lots of new and exciting branding ideas that will blow your socks off!

Printing: From full colour digital printing, to engraving and embossing, we have ten thousand products to print your company logo onto. But not just ordinary printing; we do engraving, sublimation, digital full colour printing and picture printing. So no need to stop at just your logo, we can print full colour pictures of your products onto mugs, bags, mouse mats, and 9,997 more…

Fast, Faster or ‘Branded Express’ service means it’s never too late for your event. With our usual delivery five days after you order, for last minute deadlines you can choose a 3 day service or our premium hand delivered 48 hour delivery when the chips are down. We are happy to deliver straight to your Exhibition or Conference venue, saving you the trouble of transporting your goods across the country.

A fantastic choice of industry specific promotional merchandise for corporate gifts, rewards and prizes, giveaways, seminar and conference events, exhibitions, shows and concerts. School wear, fundraising and charity products, clubs, societies and sports club products. If you can find any of our personalised products cheaper anywhere else online, we will guarantee to beat the price.

Promotional giveaways are a tried and tested method of promoting your business, developing great customer loyalty and new lead generation. Giving away a branded notepad and pen at a conference, or a promotional data stick, is a sure-fire way to keep your company in the briefcase or pocket of every delegate. With your product catalogue already loaded onto it, you get an instant advantage over your competitors!

In-house Design Team: One reason that customers come back to us time and time again, is because of our in-house graphic designers, who will work with you to make sure that the message you want to deliver looks the bees knees on your chosen products, and is printed perfectly in your corporate colours, reflecting and reinforcing your brand awareness with every giveaway.

Why not have a chat with one of our design team while you are in the showroom, and finalise your colour choices and message while you are here. We have a team of 25 brilliant staff who all love meeting our customers and are always happy to spend time with you over a coffee while you make your choices. You will go away with a bag full of samples to try out on your marketing team to help make those important decisions for your annual conference, trade show, or exhibition. But don’t worry, we won’t charge you 5p, in our huge range of cotton, jute and nylon bags, we will find one that is perfect for you to take home.

Price Match: We always look after our customers, and find the very best deals out there in the market place. We know that your marketing budget is a valuable resource, so if you do find any of our products being sold cheaper anywhere else in the UK, please let us know, and we will instantly beat the price for you, no fuss, no bother!

Research proves the successful impact of marketing with branded merchandise in every industry sector. Most people who receive a personalised giveaway are reported to still have it on their desk, or in use for more than 2 years. For any business with an annual renewable product, this news is pure gold, as it helps to keep a customer for another year, instead of them looking for a competitor because they can’t find your contact details. Compare this to a TV or Magazine advert that is forgotten or assigned to the recycle box the same week. Just look around your business and see how many magazines YOU kept from last year?

Use the tabs above to view a few of our TOP SELLER promotional products to give you some ideas.


Everyone needs at least one pen in their pocket, and Leicester based EverythingBranded has an incredible range of promotional pens for you to find a perfect product, whatever your budget.

Pens are the only promotional product that every type of business can benefit from, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Schools, Universities, Clubs and Societies, Venues, Hotels and Tourist Attractions. Your customers will always appreciate a new pen, and with our range of over a thousand different types, colours and multi-function uses; you can dazzle, or delight any type of customer.

From cheap branded plastic pens, to corporate gift engraved metal pens, and not forgetting the fantastic multi-use pens with a stylus, laser pointer or flashlight. Giving your customers and visitors a really striking or unusual printed pen can mean the difference between being put in the desk drawer, or put in their pocket:

Plastic Pens

Plastic pens are a great promotional product for Trade Shows and Conferences. Everyone needs a pen at events like that, and the economical plastic pens mean that you get much more for your investment, and can reach many more people. Digital printing looks fabulous on them and the range of colours is quite dazzling.


Some market sectors use a lot of pencils, Schools, Universities, architects and tradesmen will all appreciate a brand new pencil and for schools and universities, these represent a great fundraising revenue stream as well. Visitors and students will all want to take home a pencil from their school or University, and use them as gifts too.


Office stationary is a tightly monitored resource for most companies, so giving useful and exciting branded stationary products will keep your company on the desktop of your customers and suppliers. Printed rulers, branded notebooks and memo blocks and promotional desktop pen pots with digital clocks make great loyalty presents at Christmas, or for those extra big orders.

Metal Pens and Corporate Pens

Metal pens add a feeling of longevity to your promotional gifts and corporate business people like to keep a smart metal, chrome or aluminium pen close to hand for important meetings. An engraved pen is certainly a cut above most other branded products, and will be a good investment for your loyal clients or your employees for a special gift at Christmas.

Unusual Pens

There are plenty of pens that James Bond himself would find useful, how many times have you wanted to write something down in the car when it is dark? A handy click and the end of your pen turns into a mini torch, lighting up whatever you wish to write. Perhaps a stylus top, or secret laser pointer, and some even have mini tool kits built into the lids. Just call us your personal “M”…

Branded Pens

Branded pens in your pocket are better than a pack of business cards. Just hand over a pen when you introduce yourself, and you will be remembered instantly at any networking event. Everyone will go home with a stack of business cards that they never look at again, and your pen, complete with its branded message will stay in their pocket, keeping your telephone number, website and company name in easy reach.

In House Design

The team of 25 staff here in Leicester at EverythingBranded are always pleased to see customers visiting our showroom, and with such a central location in the East Midlands, we are just half an hour from places like Derby, Birmingham, Coventry and Northampton. The Showroom is located 10 minutes from the M1, and outside Leicester city centre, so it’s easy to find us, free to park, and you get to meet our in-house graphic designers and marketing experts, who can help with your new advertising campaign, by showing you exciting products that you never knew existed…

Superfast Delivery

If you need it fast, we are the company to call. We use local printers, engravers and couriers, who can respond quickly to orders, getting your promotional goods on the road to you inside 5 days, with a faster option of 3 days and a superfast delivery inside 48 hours. We think that is pretty unbeatable when choosing between us and an online company keeps you waiting 3 weeks for delivery.

Price Promise Guarantee

There is nothing worse than finding the product you want, cheaper somewhere else, so we make sure that can’t happen by supplying them at the best prices in the UK. If you find anything we sell any cheaper, just tell us and we will beat the price for you.


‘Tech’ promotional products are being used by thousands of companies to build customer loyalty with huge success rates and here are the reasons why…

The selection of tech branded merchandise seems to grow every day with new computer mice, powerbanks, tablet cases, headphones, desk gadgets, USB pen wristbands, and hundreds of novelty ideas, just perfect for being remembered at exhibitions. Most of them are small, so easy for delegates or visitors to put in their pockets, making sure that they will not get dumped in the bin on the way out, with the other heavyweight leaflets and catalogues.

You don’t have to be in business to want a new branded flash drive to keep in your pocket with instant access to useful documents, instructions, product catalogues, quotes and specifications. Companies with very large product catalogues will find a huge increase in sales from giving out printed flash drives with their catalogue already loaded.

Catalogues on Promotional Flash drives Sending out a Promotional flash drive catalogues to all your customers will save on postage costs of a heavy book, and on desk or shelf space for your clients, which would otherwise mean your printed catalogue ending up in the waste bin. Loaded onto a useful flash drive, your catalogue will be on hand and easy to find.

Conference Papers & Seminar notes Any business delivering a conference presentation or seminar talk, will benefit from handing out promotional flash drives with their slideshow or notes already loaded on. This allows delegates to listen more attentively, without needing to make notes during the talk.

Eco Friendly Business Meetings Having a flash drive is a huge benefit to business meetings, and supersedes the need for your clients to print anything off to give you. They can easily add it onto your handy flash drive, saving paper and printer electricity usage, especially for large documents, reports and research papers.

Our Leicester Showroom is ten minutes from the City Centre so we can deliver promotional products to you anywhere in Leicester and Leicestershire very quickly. The M1 is ten minutes away, making it easy for companies traveling to Derby, Nottingham or Northampton to call in anytime Monday to Friday. Parking is free and we love having visitors!

Speedy and Efficient Delivery Our East Midlands location in central UK, means that our delivery drivers can get to London, Manchester and Birmingham quickly and easily on the Motorway system. Standard delivery is just five days from your order, but you can chose to have a three day delivery, and in some cases – depending on the quantity and your location – we can deliver in 24 to 48 hours.

In-House Graphic Design One of the reasons our customers come back to us time and time again, is because of our free graphic design service for every order. That means you don’t need to find the right sized logo or picture, or even the right colour. We can do all that in-house. With a team of 25 staff, we always have someone to answer the phone – no automated messages or machined to choose options before you get to speak to a human.

Huge Choice of New Tech Products Technology branded products are certainly the most exciting way to raise awareness of your branding, promote new products, and keep your business in full view of your customers. The range of IT accessories are smart in both senses of the word: in looks, and in their many applications with ‘smart’ gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and iPads.

Power Banks Powerbanks The worst thing to happen these days, is to run out of battery on the train, or all day conference, or a festival, and promotional powerbanks are the only solution. They are available in different power capacities and in many different shapes and colours, which can be printed specifically to appeal to your target customers.

The branding design of a powerbank for a heavy metal festival can be completely different to a promotional powerbank for a 3 day conference on Global Warming or an Election Campaign. EverythingBranded.co.uk are experts in getting every promotional product just right for whatever your next advertising campaign needs to achieve.

Best Prices in the UK with over 17,000 promotional products available on the website, we try and make sure that they are the best prices in the UK, so if you happen to find any of our branded products cheaper anywhere else in the UK, please let us know, and we will beat the price for you right away.


Promotional mugs keep your business in the hands of your customers…

The Office

Giving your customers a beautifully printed coffee mug is a great way to stay on their desk. It makes them feel special and your company contact details are always in their hands. Why not have a new one designed every year, turning them into collectors’ items as well. Local hand deliveries to offices in all towns around Leicester, and courier delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants

Use them as loyalty gifts, 3 visits and you get a free branded mug. Print your opening times and phone number on it, or even the menu! They can be used in many different ways to market your venue and promote your products. If you are in Leicester, we will bring them to you personally.

Hotels, Guest Houses

Give every visitor a special welcome with a giveaway promotional Mug in the room with your calendar of events leaflet rolled up inside. But don’t just stick to the company logo, phone number and email address, we can digitally print a full colour picture of the Hotel all around the mug as well. It’s a great souvenir that all their friends will see. From Land’s End to John O’Groats, we will get them to your Hotel or Guest House.

Sports Clubs, Gyms, Fitness Studios

Promotional mugs can be used as an income stream, by selling ‘Team’ or ‘Club’ branded coffee mugs to members, visitors and spectators. Have all your match dates or opening times printed on a mug. There are a popular method of fundraising in many clubs and Gyms. Fill them with mini products or souvenirs and these will fly off your shelves as useful and unusual presents. Personal delivery to all Clubs and Gyms in Leicester and efficient tracked courier to every town in the UK.

Schools, Universities, Clubs & Societies

Printed Mugs are a great way of fund raising for your School or Society. Sell them at events and make them seasonal by filling with chocolate eggs at Easter, a Christmas bauble, or anything else to promote your summer fete, Autumn Fair, or new calendar dates. It’s not too late for this terms event, we can deliver inside 3 days!

Leicester Showroom and Head Office

EverythingBranded.co.uk is based in the heart of the East Midlands, just outside Leicester city centre and only 10 minutes from the M1, so wherever you are, it is easy to find us and call into the Showroom Monday to Friday. We have 25 staff based at Head Office including our in-house graphic designers, who can discuss your branding requirements and provide a free design for every order. So no need to worry about finding the right artwork – we do all that for you.

Delivery Choices from 5 days to 24 hours

Standard delivery time is around 5 days, but if you have a last minute deadline, we can usually suggest a suitable product that can be printed and dispatched inside 3 days and sometimes within 24 hours if needed.

Best Prices in the UK – Guaranteed

We don’t mess about with prices, and try to keep everything cheaper than anywhere else in the UK, so if you do find any of our products any cheaper elsewhere; let us know and we will beat the price for you . Looking after our customers is the highest priority on our customer charter. A quick look at our reviews on the home page will certainly back that up. We love receiving good reviews from new customers, happy with their promotional products and service.

Just have a look at the huge selection of mugs to brand with your company logo: Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs, Sports Bottles, Glass & Crystal, Pub & Bar, Unusual

Expert advice and a supplier you can trust

EverythingBranded.co.uk are a vibrant Leicester Company who employ 25 staff who are all experts in their fields. Our Account Managers can give you some great ideas for your next marketing campaign or Trade Show. We have promotional and branded products that will make you stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and stay in your customer’s minds – and pockets – long after the event has ended.

Give us a call to discuss your next product launch, seminar or conference, our product list contains over 17,000 brilliant products; some of them will be perfect for your event. From traditional and classic with an engraved high quality fountain pen, to a modern USB Hub with 4 portals, a desk light and speakers!