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Why your business needs branded keyrings

31st October 2022 in Advice

Branded keyrings are a great way to get your brand out into the world. They are a practical, cost-efficient and low-effort marketing tool. They're also customisable and make a great gift for customers! In this blog, we'll cover why every business should consider branded keyrings as part of their marketing strategy.

1. Efficient and low-cost marketing

When you’re looking to get your brand out there, promotional products are one of the most effective methods there is. Branded keyrings are one marketing tool that stand out from the crowd as they provide great value for money with plenty of potential impressions. Promotional keyrings are an easy and low-cost way to promote your business whilst also leaving a lasting impression to help get impressions by the right people.

2. Grow your customer base

Branded keyrings are a great way for your customers to remember you and your brand. Our custom keyrings can be branded with your business name so that every time they see their keys - they'll see your logo. This brand exposure prompts customers to remember your business when they're next looking for something similar – more chances of them becoming loyal customers to your business. The best part is that the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is very cost-effective compared to other marketing methods.

3. Customisable and unique to your brand

Customisation is a great way to make sure your branded keyrings are an accurate reflection of your business and its values. That’s why we offer our customers so many options to choose from:

• Shape: We have many different shapes available so you can choose the one that best suits your product range.

• Size: We have a wide range of sizes available so you can pick the right one for your brand.

• Colour: Choose from our range of colours – any you choose will be sure to stand out!

• Design: Our designs include animals, geometric shapes and much more – there's something for every style!

• Quantity: You choose how many units you want, as long as it is above the minimum order quantity. If you need lower quantities, check out our Low MOQs page.

4. Promotional Keyrings are practical!

Keys are a big deal. They're the keys to your house, your car and sometimes even access to the rest of your life—so it's important that they don't go missing! This is where branded keyrings come in.

Branded keyrings are not just an adornment or a marketing tool. Branded keyrings can be used as an actual tool for holding keys together, meaning that if you drop them on the floor at home or work, they won't scatter all over the place with no way of being reunited.

Increase brand awareness with branded keyrings

Branded keyrings are great for marketing purposes as they can be used as giveaways at events such as trade shows or exhibitions, where people will be walking around for hours with their branding visible. This is an excellent opportunity for people to remember who you are and what products or services you offer them.

Explore promotional keyrings today

Branding is an important part of any business's marketing strategy, and keyrings are a great way to brand. They’re cheap, versatile and can be branded with your logo. Your customers will be able to see your logo very often and remember your brand. If you want to get more information on promotional keyrings, or for a quote, get in touch with our dedicated customer support team.

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