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Advantages of Using Promotional Products for Businesses

15th March 2022 in Advice

An effective marketing strategy is the foundational pillar of any good business. If you want to attract the attention of your target group, your strategy must include various strategies that can give the desired results. This is where branded promotional products come into the picture. They are budget-friendly and make you stand out from the competition while giving your business a unique and creative flair.

Promotional marketing is also a reliable way of getting credible referrals. So much so that promotional products have been found to draw up to 500% more referrals than just a review, as per Promotion Marketing, LLC. Additionally, promotional products allow you to add a personal touch to your branding and increase brand awareness.

Why Does Your Brand Need Promotional Products?

Did you know that promotional products have been ranked as the most effective form of advertising across all generations? And deservingly so. Promotional products pique the interest of all potential buyers, no matter where they are - parks, exhibitions, gyms, and other locations. In addition, promotional products offer a high brand recall value, a result desired from all marketing strategies.

Still not convinced?

Here are some more benefits of using promotional products.

Here Are the Top Benefits Of Using Promotional Products For Your Business:

1. Brand Recognition

High utility & a wide reach are two of the biggest advantages of promotional products. They help you reach the right target group with minimum investment compared to traditional marketing methods which have a limited reach.

2. Customer Retention

Promotional products are excellent for expressing gratitude to your customers for their continued trust and relationship with your business. When your customer feels deeply valued, they are more likely to choose you time & again.

3. High Return on Investment

Every customer comes at a price. And marketing costs revolve around this customer acquisition and are often the most expensive out of all business operations. Firms could spend hundreds of pounds on a single ad without achieving a single sale. But what if we told you there is a way to make a long term impact and pique the customers’ interest, without going overboard on the budget? With promotional products, you can enjoy high brand recall value at affordable costs with some amazing products. You can choose anything from a simple pen to a backpack based on your budget and get a high ROI.

4. Lead Generation

Every time your customer uses your product publicly, your visibility multiplies. Imagine reducing your customer acquisition cost on a product every time a client wears/uses your promotional product! Keep your leads coming in for as long as your products are circulating at large. This is long term brand exposure at its best.

Top Promotional Products For You To Choose From


Writing promotional products include pens, pencils, and other stationery items. These are amongst the most widely used promotional items because they are easy to spot, highly practical, and can grab the user's attention and those around them too. Imagine popping up on your customer's minds every time they make a note!


Coffee mugs, water bottles, and tumblers are great for brand promotion. Drinkware is used almost daily by nearly all age groups, making it an ideal choice for brand exposure. Moreover, factors such as versatility & durability ensure high customer retention. And you can choose from a range of colours and enjoy ample printing space for your logo, name, tagline, and message.


Backpacks, tote bags, and drawstring bags are some of your customers’ favourite gifts to receive. Based on the nature of your business, you have the choice to pick business travel bags or backpacks with your logo for a more formal brand. If you are a B2C brand, you could choose tote bags and drawstring bags for a more relaxed audience. Regardless, with promotional bags, you can ensure that your brand travels everywhere your client goes.


Gifting promotional clothing is the most effective approach to turning your customers into brand ambassadors. You can make your company stand out and get people talking about it by printing quirky designs and unique marketing messages. Whatever the industry, a cool hoodie or T-shirt will always be one of the most effective promotional products for raising brand awareness.

EverythingBranded's wide range of promotional products have something to offer to every business. We cater to businesses from all industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, FMCG, advertising & media and more. So get in touch with us to know which of our products will successfully fulfil all your marketing needs.

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