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World Password Day: Tech Security Tips

3rd May 2018 in Advice

World Password Day 

Today is World Password Day, a day to highlight the importance of regularly updating our 'crypto-keys' to ensure our technical devices stay as secure as possible. With the introduction of the new GDPR coming on the 25th May, securing the data stored on our electronic devices, and our privacy, is more important than ever. Here we give you some tips for securing your passwords and other elements of your technical devices that can be protected as well.

1. Change Your Password Regularly

To avoid hacks, the easiest way to secure your password is by changing it regularly. It is advised that you change your password every few months, ensuring that even if your password has been discovered by a stealthy hacker, it isn't much use to them after a certain amount of time.

2. Unique Passwords

When it comes to choosing a password, we need to make sure that it is easily remembered. However, as a result of this, many people tend to choose the same or similar passwords. You can see the most common passwords used in 2017 on fortunes page. With this in mind, we suggest you avoid any variations from the above list and choose something that is a bit more unique to you.

3. Different Passwords For Different Accounts

Many people use duplicate passwords on all of their online accounts. When it comes to hacking, this can result in a domino effect, where once they've hacked one account, they can hack them all. We advise that you make sure your Facebook password differs from your Email password, which differs from your Online Banking portal etc.

Technical Accessories For Device Security

Everything Branded offer a range of promotional tech products that can help make sure your electronic device has the ultimate security. Our Webcam-Blocker & Parental Ctrl is an excellent way of protecting users from hackers who may attempt to access webcam features on your PC or laptop. Incorporating this with your secure password methods will help make sure your electronic devices can better out-smart the smartest of hackers.

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