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Popular Promo Products Campaigns & Their Impact On Customers

11th March 2022 in Advice

We have all used promotional products at some point in our lives.

The main reason why businesses give promotional gifts to their customers is to build a personal, long-lasting connection and compel them to buy and remain loyal to their brand. This tried-and-tested method of marketing and brand building has been used by countless brands for promoting new products, increasing brand awareness, and enticing customers to buy their products. Here we discuss some promotional marketing campaigns of popular brands that successfully achieved their goals using practical promotional products.

Remember the...

Kellogg’s Cereal Bowl

Who doesn’t remember the famous Kellogg’s cereal bowls! One of the most recognisable and popular promotional products, the signature cereal bowl is a brilliant choice for a company that is all about making morning breakfast healthy and tasty. Designed in bright and colourful prints, these cereal bowls are particularly attractive for kids, the company’s primary target group. The cereal bowls have been hugely successful in helping the brand create an emotional bond with their young audience and have almost become synonymous with breakfast in households with children.

Colgate’s Lollipop/Brushes

A prime example of how to use edible and health promotional products, Colgate’s “Don’t forget” campaign used branded lollipops over toothbrushes to promote good oral hygiene. When someone finished eating the lollipop, they’d find a concealed toothbrush at the end of the stick with the message “Don’t forget” to remind customers to brush their teeth afterwards. The campaign was successful and well-received by customers due to the ingenuity of the concept and the two different gifts involved, a sweet treat and a toothbrush. As a result, the company experienced enhanced brand recognition and a big jump in sales.

McVities Promotional Goodies

For one of their campaigns, McVities decided to use the age-old method of using promotional products to launch a new reward scheme for their loyal customers. All they had to do was enter the unique codes found on the packaging of their purchased McVities product and collect points. These could then be exchanged for exciting and useful products like promotional fridge magnets, branded mugs, customised tote bags, teapots, and digital radios. While the customers got to enjoy these practical promotional products, McVities was able to expand its VIP Club Programme and increase its sales.

Other Famous Examples

Promotional products have been used by numerous brands to connect with their customers and establish a credible brand identity. While some of them had long-lasting success, others enjoyed short-term returns. Either way, branded products helped them increase sales and brand awareness. Some examples of popular promotional products that have come to define the brand are:

• Starbucks/Costa Travel Mugs

• Nike/New Balance Wristbands

• Coca-Cola T-shirts

Promotional products make customers feel special and valued. Regardless of their size and utility, they are very useful in building a bond between the customer and the brand. If you’re someone that has always felt delighted to receive a promotional product from your favourite brand, it’s time you use them in your promotional marketing campaigns and bring the same delight to your customers. From branded drinkware, bags, and clothing to promotional food and drink items, health and fitness products, and stationery,

Everything Branded has “Everything” you may need to win the hearts of your customers.

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