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Avoid Staff Absences by Investing in their Health

18th January 2019 in Advice

Some health problems, such as asthma, flu, sore throat, and cold sores, are triggered or worsened by cold weather. It's not uncommon to see staff sickness increase by 30%.

January is the season of flu and blue hues. It’s cold, wet, and miserable. Your office will be hit with a severe case of the lurgy, and you just know that most of your co-workers would much rather be at home underneath a duvet with a Lemsip. The colder months can be a particularly tough time for keeping employees engaged, team morale drops, and the number of absences increase.

Although generally, sickness does tend to heighten during these months due to weakened immune systems, there is also a psychological side to this; the winter blues. Absence and Workplace Health Survey found that absenteeism is costing the UK economy a staggering £14 billion a year. Further research released by business advisers PwC shows sick days alone cost British business almost £29 billion a year because workers are taking more than four times as many days off work as their counterparts across the globe.

By encouraging your staff to look after their health and providing them with support, you can combat the cold weather and keep a smile on your employees’ faces! A great way to boost office morale is by investing in your employee's health and happiness. Providing company hats, gloves and ice scrapers will leave employees feeling appreciated and with a heightened sense of team spirit. Due to this recognition and the sense of appreciation, employees will be willing to work harder and get on with their workload, resulting in a decrease in staff absences.

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