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Standout from the Crowd with Branded Festival Giveaways

16th April 2019 in Advice

Make your brand stand out this festival season with these perfect festival giveaways

Power Bank

Be the life-saving brand to any millennial with branded power banks! Power banks have come a long way, these handy gadgets are inexpensive and come in compact and portable designs, with enough printing area to accommodate what you wish to convey to your chosen market.

Drawstring Backpack

Create your own walking billboard with these useful festival giveaways! Give festival goers the ultimate giveaway, one which will hide all the other branded festival giveaways they collect over the event! Drawstring backpacks occupy a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the cool spectrum — practical and convenient while maintaining wearability.  Some of the most recommended materials for these backpacks are cotton, canvas, and nylon.

Water Bottles

Festivalgoers are prone to dehydration due to heat. This is your brand’s chance to be a good Samaritan by providing water bottles. Normally these festivals have free water stations on site where guests can refill their containers. Men and women need 3.7 and 2.7 litres of water, respectively, to stay hydrated on a daily basis. On days of increased physical strain, these numbers should ideally increase as well. All the dancing and jumping and body swaying festival-goers do drain their bodies of their much-needed H2O. Here your bottles and tumblers can be lifesavers.

Lanyard Festival Giveaways

Festivalgoers will find lanyard giveaways very useful during the event. They can use these lanyards for their ticket, or for ID cards. Post-festival, these lanyards will remain useful. They can hold flash drives and other important items, such as IDs and keys. To ensure that your lanyard recipients will actually wear them, do not scrimp on material and design.  

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