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Longevity Of Promo Products & Why It Matters For Your Business

24th February 2022 in Advice

Promotional products make excellent marketing tools. Even though there are numerous ways for companies to market their business today, promotional items remain one of the most popular and effective. In this crowded and easily accessible market, your customers are exposed to countless promotional messages and new brands every day. The only way your business can make an impression and stay memorable is by choosing a marketing channel that regularly exposes your brand to the customers and is good enough for them to give it a second thought. And no other marketing method is as effective in making that happen than promotional products!

However, those are not the only reason why promotional products are highly sought-after by nearly all kinds of businesses. Another very crucial reason they are so popular is the longevity of promotional products.

The Longevity of Promotional Products

According to research carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), nearly 87% of customers said they kept a promotional item for longer than a year.

Imagine your brand getting repeated exposure for more than a year from a single product at no extra cost!

When done right, branded merchandise can provide widespread exposure to your business and increase its brand awareness many folds over time. They are the best means of turning your customers into brand ambassadors, who can knowingly and unknowingly promote your brand to many people over their lifetime. That’s what we call clever marketing!

Regardless of the size of the product, if it offers good value and uses to your customers, they will use it for at least a few months or years based on its quality.

Choosing Your Promotional Products Wisely

The longevity of promotional products can only be enjoyed if you choose the right branded merchandise for your campaign. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your promotional products:

Know Your Audience

For any strategy to work, it must target the right audience. And this is particularly true in the case of promotional products. Recognise the age, gender, geographic location, and other preferences of your target audience and then choose promotional items that are most appealing to that group. Remember, you only want to target the ones who will want to come to your business.

Choose Practical Items Where Possible

The only way your customers will use your promotional products for a long time is if they are practical. Anything that can make their life easy and enjoyable, such as pens, mugs, calendars, bags, bottles, and USB drives, make excellent promotional items for all businesses.

Consider Durability

If you are just starting and want to spread the word about your business, you have the flexibility to choose any promotional product you want to make a good start. However, durability is a crucial factor to consider. Since the longevity of promotional items is paramount, you must ensure that you pick products that are durable and last-long even with regular, repeated use. By giving durable and sturdy promotional items, you can give widespread brand recognition for the longest time.

Why Choose EverythingBranded for Long-Lasting Promotional Products

We love promotional products, and their power to impact brand awareness and sales. Our team of brand specialists can expertly match your business with the right promotional items that will work. We understand why longevity is a critical factor for every business when choosing branded merchandise for their marketing. You can be completely assured that all promotional products from EverythingBranded will help deliver the results you desire. Our products and customer service is of the highest quality, so you can rely on us to deliver long-lasting products and the best in the market service, always. Call us today to discuss your requirements and start your promotional marketing journey.

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