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Travel Accessories

4th July 2022 in Branding Advice

The sun is out, and the travel business is booming. With covid restrictions eased across the globe, travel is back on the rise. Businesses can take advantage of this surge in travel to give away promotional products to build brand awareness across the globe.

Whether people are travelling for a holiday or a business trip, giving away promotional products to your potential customers, existing customers, and employees to aid in their travel is a great way for your business to gain traction and build up a good brand identity. When travelling, your recipients will remember and make fond memories with your branded products along with collecting many new potential customers wherever they go with their new branded gifts. A perfect time to give away your branded merchandise would be an event such as a tradeshow!

Can promotional travel merchandise be used whilst commuting? 

The first thing people might think of when hearing ‘promotional travel merchandise’ is holidays and business trips. However, these aren’t the only times that branded travel products can be used. Even the commute to work can be taken as an opportunity for your brand to gain impressions. Businesses can take advantage of a commute by gifting employees or customers with a branded travel mug and other promotional travel accessories.

Most people would agree that promotional travel essentials can make a commute a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, so using branded items at this time is a no-brainer.

If commuting by car, a chance is created where a promotional travel mug can be used. Better yet if it is a stainless-steel mug as it will keep your hot drinks hot for the entire trip! If travelling by bicycle, a branded travel bag could create exposure for the brand. If the commute to work is by foot, the benefits of promotional clothing can be maximised along with branded lunch bags etc. This way, the number of potential impressions is countless.

Don’t forget your branded travel essentials on your next trip!

Knowing what to pack can be a tricky thing and essentials are often forgotten behind. Ensure your customers and employees are well-equipped with personalised merchandise when they go on that next trip. For almost every travel product they take with them you will be able to find a customisable equivalent to hand out.

By giving away useful promo products to your team about to embark on a business journey, you can build team spirit and enthusiasm along with feelings of appreciation amongst your team whilst gaining brand awareness worldwide.

Make sure your customers or employees are fully equipped considering comfort, gadgets, safety, and good skincare products all featured with your logo or company slogan.

Use branded accessories to generate impressions whilst relaxing

Maximise comfort using travel merchandise with comforting products such as travel pillows for long flights or car journeys. Make sure to choose a pillow that comes with a pouch for even easier travel when done.

Keep the lights out with a promotional sleeping mask for a well-rested happy customer or employee. This is especially important for employees travelling for your business with a sleeping schedule that has been disrupted due to travel or change in time zone. A sleeping mask can help them get that extra quality sleep leading them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day so why not give them one of your own with your logo on it for a cost-effective investment?

As your customers snuggle into a branded fleece blanket, ready for a warm cosy nap, your business can generate even more impressions as passersby or fellow plane passengers glance enviously.

Guarantee your customers a full battery on travels

Running out of battery on a day out travelling creates stress and can have dire consequences if out lost with no juice to power a device to get help. Being able to power up with a power bank at a moment like this can be a life saver. Giveaway power banks with a funny custom slogan for a feeling of relief and humour in a time when all hope is lost. A travel adapter can help avoid this scenario, so why not purchase a branded travel adapter? After all, prevention is better than cure, and a power bank can be used as a backup if required.

Have your brand associated with happy memories

Entertainment is in large demand when travelling for hours on end. You can keep your customers entertained and uplift their mood with music and movies enjoyed with promotional earplug earphones to block out distractions for undisrupted sleep and pleasure. Add the perk of being able to add your branding to these earbuds to produce an extremely practical gift. When travelling with branded earbuds, you can enjoy a journey without worrying too much about getting your travel buds mixed up or stolen.

Protect your employees and customers wherever they go  

Keeping your customers safe and by giving them useful branded protective gear you can be assured that they will feel loyal to your brand and feel that you care about them. A practice to make sure your customers feel looked after is to give them a travel PPE set for stress-free trips. This can also be encouraging for team members to wear masks when travelling abroad to minimise risk and create a caring and aware impression of your business.

Branded luggage tags can put minds to rest as bags with a luggage tag stand out on luggage conveyor belts. Luggage tags are a must-have item to ensure you can easily find your luggage reducing the chance of the travel (hopefully branded) bag getting misplaced.

Maintaining a good skincare routine on holiday or out and about can be hard. It is vital to stay protected from harsh UV rays so what better way to carry SPF sun lotion than on a keyring? Having sun cream to hand on a carabiner is a clever way to transport your promotional sun cream for all-day application.

Out in the sun, the delicate skin on your lips can easily dry out no matter how much water you drink. Keep those lips refreshed and supple by choosing from a range of shaped brandable lip balms. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, a good lip balm is often the final and vital product required for a fully prepared packer, not forgetting to place it in a branded toiletry bag for all personalised cosmetics in one place.

Take your travel marketing campaign to the next level with promotional products

If you would like to amp up your marketing strategy using branded travel items, this can easily be achieved here at everything branded. Browse our travel accessories page and if you find a product you fancy you can easily contact our team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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