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How Promotional Products can benefit your brand this World Cup

8th September 2022 in Branding Advice

How promotional products can benefit your brand this World Cup.

The World Cup is anticipated to be one of the most watched sporting events this year with millions of people tuning in to watch 32 countries battle it out for the chance of lifting the prestigious trophy in Qatar on the 18th of December.

This major sporting event provides a great opportunity for your business to stand out allowing you to raise brand awareness through the use of promotional products. The last World Cup was watched by a combined 3.57 billion viewers across the entire competition, that’s a lot of potential customers!

At EverythingBranded we understand the importance of efficient marketing and what it can bring to your business that’s why we stock over 30,000 products at a range of prices and quantities to match your needs allowing you to capitalise on events like the World Cup. Promotional products such as branded footballs, promotional beach balls, branded sunglasses, personalised pens and promotional drawstring bags are guaranteed to make a mark on your customers this World Cup season.

Branded products are one of the most popular forms of marketing and have a range of benefits:

Generates leads

Promotional products are more than branded products, they help generate leads through brand recall and brand visibility. The majority of people who receive a promotional product from a business remember the name of the brand!


Promotional products are a cost-effective way of advertising in comparison to most strategies used within marketing. Since most branded products are passed on it is a great form of word of mouth which helps generate leads and improves brand awareness.

Stand out against competitors

Promotional products are unique to a business and allow your business to stand out against competitors as it is easier for customers to recognise your logo and brand. If the product is something useful such as a branded water bottle or a personalised pen, customers are more likely to frequently see your logo and think of your brand when they use it.

Customer loyalty

Sharing promotional products with your customers can encourage them to choose your brand over competitors as they will see a reason to continue doing business with you. Good branding positively impacts a customer’s perception of a business, viewing your services and products as high quality.

Long-term brand exposure

Promotional products create a positive brand image that can shape customer opinions of your business over the long term. Customers are more likely to remember businesses that give out promotional products as it is seen as an act of gratitude.

Strengthen your brand perception with promotional products

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