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Do Promotional Pens Actually Work?

8th February 2019 in Branding Advice

The answer is yes, promotional pens will always be a well-received gift as everyone uses them. With so many high-tech promotional products now out there, it’s sometimes easy to forget the beauty of simplicity.

When was the last time you actually bought a pen? Take a closer look at your desk pen pot and how many brand names do you see staring back at you? The likely hood is that you don't hold onto any other giveaway and interact with them the way you do with promotional pens. A recent survey completed by The British Promotional Merchandise Association found that promotional products establish a bond between consumer and company by use of branded products. 

Promotional pens are a powerful way of not only getting your business into the minds of your potential customers but into their hands! Promotional merchandise as a whole can help people to remember a brand name much easier and actually make a purchase. Promotional pens continue to be high on the list of popular products, making them just as relevant today as they were years ago. It doesn’t matter whether a promotional pen bears your company logo or something a bit more personalised, the effect is the same - brand recognition. The more people who see your company name, the better your business will perform, especially when they see it often.

Promotional items in general are a great way to slide your business name and logo under everyone’s everyday gaze, and branded pens in particular are still so essential round the office and home.

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Whilst our standard promotional pens come with black ink, our friendly team is happy to quote you a bespoke price for specific colours or unusual pen shapes. Our corporate pens also come with the option of a stylish gift box. Whether you're looking for a simple clear box or an embossed leather, hand-crafted gift box for a truly memorable executive present, our team is ready to point you in the right direction for your marketing needs! We also offer various branding locations for your product, as well as laser engraving for metal promotional pens. Contact us to see what unique options are available for your order.

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