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Welcome Summer with New Promo!

16th June 2022 in Branding Advice

People are spending more time outdoors as the weather reaches significantly warmer temperatures, with many events and tradeshows being held outdoors, this is the perfect time to take your marketing to the streets.

What better cost-effective way to get your brand out there and gain countless impressions than using promotional products? In warmer seasons people are certainly going to be using their technological devices less and be more immersed in their surroundings, this could create a challenge for most businesses, which is why Summer is a time that companies should focus on their offline marketing. This can be done successfully by embracing this attention shift utilising promotional merchandise putting you ahead of your competitors.

To make sure you’re getting the best promotional products for summer, we made a list of the top 10 that should get branded this summer. 

Top 10 Summer promotional products you should use to boost your campaign success rates this season.

  1. Promotional Bottles

For those keen on amping up their sporting game this summer, sports bottles are a necessity. Exercising in the heat is sure to get anyone feeling dehydrated. Combat dehydration with a branded water bottle for taking out for jogs. The worse thing when going to take a drink on a hot day is finding your drink has gone warm. This can put a real damper on your mood on a day out. To avoid this common problem, you can use an insulated bottle to keep your water cold for hours allowing you to feel refreshed with every sip. Better still using a bottle with your logo on it will increase brand awareness wherever your cool water bottle goes! 

  1. Promotional cooler bags

An alternative to a vacuum bottle to keep your chosen beverage cold is a cooler bag. Carry your food wherever you go and have peace of mind that your food will be at the perfect temperature when it’s time to eat, whether that be warm or cold. Cooler lunch bags are lightweight and practical promotional items that transport your food in an affordable eco-friendly way.

  1. Promotional Bottle Openers

Got any bottles that need popping open from your promotional cooler bag? Don’t forget this handy accessory. Perfect for picnics, a metal bottle opener’s sturdiness makes it a tool you can rely on, alongside creating an extra promotional item for you to giveaway! 

  1. Promotional Picnic Blankets

On a day out enjoy a dry picnic safe from wet dewy grass and bugs by using a picnic blanket. A picnic blanket gives a practical yet fashionable take to your promotions. A promotional picnic blanket can be used in the garden, park, or anywhere where there's food. Wherever the blanket travels, your brand will go, potentially giving many impressions to people that wouldn’t otherwise have seen your brand. If customised with your logo or personised business message, your brand will be sure to stay at the front of the user’s mind no matter where they go.

  1. Promotional Toys such as Promotional Frisbees

On a sunny day out, a frisbee makes a pleasant past-time. Take advantage of being able to fly your brand through the air with a budget-friendly promotion. Your brand will be associated with happy memories and fun if you print your custom message on this fun outdoor toy.

  1. Seed sticks and plants

With summer fast approaching many people are investing in their gardens and purchasing plants to enjoy the full effects of the sunny weather. Our extra small seed sticks can be branded with your logo making an ideal small giveaway that may excite any green-fingered recipients. Seed sticks can even be used by people with no previous experience with plants or gardening which is what makes them such ideal gifts for summer.

  1. Promotional Flip Flops

Promotional clothing such as flip-flops or t-shirts is a necessity for days at the beach. With promotional beach slippers, you can benefit from footwear that guarantees good airflow and comfortable feet, complete with your personalised branding causing your company to be remembered across the seas!

  1.  Promotional Sunscreen

Promotional sunscreen is a must-have summer product. Take advantage of the number of people using suncream this season and giveaway suncream printed with your logo or brand message of choice for those extra impressions and have your customers think of you, whilst they keep safe with sun cream and sun protection kits ensuring their skin is in tip-top shape throughout the season.

  1. Promotional Beach Balls

Beach balls are made for summer. Gain brand awareness by printing your custom message on a beach ball to build familiarity amongst the target audience of your business using a fun promotional product that may be used on the beach or any open space! While your personalised beach ball flies from hand to hand, everyone will get their hands on your brand name raising the chances of your brand being remembered, and keeping them coming back to you for more services or products. 

  1. Promotional Caps

The final must-have product to have your logo on this summer is caps. Promotional clothing is always a big hit for increasing brand awareness however in summer a cap makes a fantastic promo as they have plenty of space for printing your custom message giving your business exposure in a cost-effective way. Caps can be used for years and in summer they are bound to be more of them around so take the opportunity to add your brand to this stylish accessory. 

Capture people’s attention with a bright promotional message on fun summer products to gain impressions from all around the world during the summer holidays. If you are interested in purchasing Summer promotional products from us, get in touch to speak to our helpful customer service team or request a quote now!

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