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Thinking About Rebranding?

17th January 2019 in Branding Advice

Rebranding can breathe new life into your business. A business's logo is often the main mechanism used to communicate with target audiences. Because of this, a large emphasis is often on the logo and design when businesses concentrate on rebranding. Your company is the much bigger picture, but the brand is on the front line, and the first thing potential clients and customers interact with.

Almost every industry giant has rebranded at some point: Pepsi has rebranded 11 times, Apple has done it 3, and Starbucks, 4. Customers Evolve. Times change, trends change and so does your customer, and so should your brand. With so many competitors it’s important for your company to stay relevant and moving with the times. With the current speed and advancements in technology, convenience and pro-activeness are important to a target audience. A proactive, new brand is more powerful than an outdated brand fighting for clients’ return promising to begin the switch.

Change in brand direction, as a company grows, its brand often changes and stands for something different than its original message. As a company matures, the initial identity can become negative and hold a company back from reaching its full potential. A brand makeover can be a rewarding process that will deliver significant commercial benefits. The merger or take-over of a company or organisation. This could be a new name, a new logo, or a revise of all brand materials. Company merges can warrant the need to create an entirely new brand or a more subtle reshuffle with their core message and brand identity.

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