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Your Guide to Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

19th August 2020 in Branding Advice

Everything Antibacterial!

As we step into the new norm, the process of keeping your office or classroom environment clean will become even more apparent. Sanitising and washing hands as much as possible and ensuring that stationery is not shared, is important to help reduce the spread of bacteria. However, what if we had a range of antibacterial products that meant you didn’t need to be so strict? EverythingBranded has a range of antimicrobial products that contain an agent that kills microorganisms and prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria and germs by 98%. This new range is perfect for the education and office industries for maintaining a clean environment.

Our Top 7 Antibacterial Products:

1 - Antimicrobial Printed ID Card Holder This is not just any cardholder, with its antimicrobial additive the spread of bacteria and germs on its surface is reduced by 98%. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this cardholder is perfect for offices, universities, colleges, or any networking event.

2 - Antibacterial Notebook Antibacterial notebooks are perfect for schools, offices, and universities with an antibacterial cover made of silver ions that inhibit and prevent the growth of at least 99% of bacteria. These notebooks are perfect for maintaining a clean environment for your staff and students.

3 - Antimicrobial Americano Pure Our new americano pure is a double-walled insulated tumbler that contains Biomaster antibacterial technology. If you are looking for protection against harmful micro-organisms, then stop looking. This is proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria by 99.9%.

4 - BIC®Round Stic® BGuard™ Digital Pen   The iconic BIC® Round Stic® is now available with antibacterial protection that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the barrel. Perfect for schools to help prevent the spread of germs in a classroom environment.

5 - Antimicrobial No-Touch Card Holder This new and innovative one-piece touch-free ID hook features an ID card holder with a combined hygiene hook keyring. An excellent safeguarding product for employees that need to access ID systems and multiple doors around the work environment.

6 - Antimicrobial Turbo Pro Flying Disc Our new lightweight flying discs fly exceptionally well, are made from 100% recycled plastic, and feature antimicrobial additive which reduces germs on the surface by 98%. This would make the perfect playground game for schools as it ensures social distancing and contains an antibacterial agent!

7 - BIC® Clic Stic BGuard™ Digital Ballpen BIC® Clic Stic is now available with antibacterial protection, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria on the barrel. This pen gives protection for the entire life of the pen and would make the perfect office or classroom addition. 

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