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Are You Expo Ready? Check Out Our Pet Promo Today!

7th February 2022 in Branding Advice

Who let the dogs out?

We all know dogs have been a ‘man’s best friend’ for thousands of years, but there’s loads more to our four-legged friends which makes them really amazing. We’ve put together some of our favourite promotional pet products so that you are prepared for every dog’s adventure!

As we approach spring, dog walks down the park are an occurring task on the to do list. Name us a better way to prepare yourself for the dog walks than by having a browse through some of our spectacular promotional pet products, ranging from dog bowls to frisbees!

Keep your dog in safe hands with our very own promotional 25mm dog lead, which is available in bright orange, perfect for keeping your dog visible wherever its paws take them!

Now, maybe it has been a long day full of adventures for yourself and your dog and surely it must be time for a snack. We have some of the best quality dog bowls to offer. Our dog bowls are available for you to personalise with your logo or brand message! We also have a selection of dog treats available which would pair perfectly with our branded bowls.

A walk in the park with the dogs can get a little tedious after a while, right? Rather than walking all the time, let your dog do all the chasing! Get chasing what you may ask? Our all-new Max plastic dog frisbees are the best for keeping your dog active. Our promotional frisbees are guaranteed to get them moving.

As I’m sure you are very aware, dogs do their business outside and cleaning up after them isn’t always the nicest job in the world and can be a little time-consuming. however, we have been able to simplify that with our TEDY container. This brilliant little device consists of 10 PE waste bags. The best part about this is that the container is small enough to fit your pocket and contains a hook at the top end of the container making it easier for you to carry around during your dog walks.

Don’t miss out! Be sure to take the time out to browse through our exciting promotional pet accessories.

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