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How To Boost Your Brand With Our Top Promotional Mugs

7th February 2022 in Branding Advice

Go around any office and its kitchen, and you will surely spot at least a couple of branded company mugs. Do you know why? Yes, employees need mugs for their daily dose of caffeine. But also because branded mugs are one of the top, most effective promotional items of all time! Promotional marketing has been around for a long time, and customised mugs have been part of the same journey, almost since the beginning. And the good part is, they are just as effective as ever!

So what makes promotional mugs so popular and efficient at boosting your brand?

To put it simply, their reliability and longevity.

Mugs are an essential part of every kitchen, both at home and at work. Regardless of your target audience and what they do, they are guaranteed to use your personalised mugs for an extended period. Research has shown that an average mug is used at least 1,000 times. So imagine all the impressions your brand can make with just a single mug! Printed mugs offer the best ROI and cost per impression, giving your brand excellent results at a significantly lower cost.

Why Do Promotional Mugs Work?

Whether you’re launching a new product or sending a thank you gift to your loyal customers, mugs are a great choice for promotional products that will have the desired effect.

What’s more? They cost much less than many other promotional items like clothes and bags, making it affordable for you to order them in bulk. Your clients and customers will also appreciate this promotional gift as it is thoughtful and practical. Another reason why mugs are the preferred choice for branding for many businesses is the ease and flexibility of customisation. Regardless of how elaborate or minimalistic your designs are, they can be customised on all kinds of mugs. They are also ideal for printing variations of the same design or completely different designs for the same marketing campaign and saving money.

Which Audience Can Brands Target With Promotional Mugs?

Branded mugs appeal to everyone! To start with, you can print your corporate logo on promotional mugs for your workplace. This will not only create a sense of unity among the team but also establish your company as a reliable and professional business. Next, you can give branded mugs to all your clients on special occasions or as a thank you gift for doing business with you. They will not only appreciate it at the time of receiving the gift but also remember your brand fondly every time they see your mug at their desk or take a sip from it. Finally, promotional mugs make excellent gifts for your existing and potential customers. You can give them away at tradeshows or other events and ensure that your brand stays in the minds of whoever receives your mugs.

Our Top Promotional Mugs to Boost Your Brand

EverythingBranded is your one-stop-shop for all things branded! Our impressive range of branded mugs has some of the best products for all your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a coffee shop or a restaurant, a corporate or a construction business, or any other company looking for high-quality promotional mugs, we’ve got all kinds of mugs including cup and saucer sets, anti-microbial tumblers, insulated mugs, thermal mugs, travel mugs, and more. No matter what your requirements, our collection includes mugs made from a variety of materials like porcelain, earthenware, plastic, enamel, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, etc.

Why spend your entire marketing budget on something that gives limited brand exposure? Promotional mugs can boost your brand significantly at a fraction of the cost! Get in touch with our branding experts to learn how our promotional products can take your brand to new heights!

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