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WOW! Marketing Agencies Are Losing Out on Millions

17th May 2018 in Branding Advice

Are you offering promotional products as part of your customer's marketing mix? If not, you are missing out on a beautiful opportunity to help your customers cost-effectively develop their brand awareness and increase sales. Not to mention the additional margin for your agency! Five facts TO WOW your customers:

- 8 out of 10 of us have at least 1 promotional product with many owning up to 10

- Over half of us use a promotional product once a week

- People retain promotional products for up to two years

-  Almost 50% would like to receive more promotional items

- Pre-receiving a promotional product 55% transacted with the advertiser, 85% transacted after receiving one

Think again!

Promotional products are not new. Branding promotional giveaways have been around for many years, but in the age of digital marketing, you may think that their success and use has declined. More than ever the use of promotional merchandise is a vital part of the marketing mix. Arguably the most significant challenge for any modern business is acquiring customers. With media segmentation so prolific, getting your message and brand into customers' hands and eyes has never been harder. A tweet is said to last only 17 minutes and may only be seen by less than 10% of your community. Consider the comparison with a branded item that has a shelf life of almost 2 years.

How many more times will your brand and message be in sight and mind of your target audience over that period? Everything branded is one of the UK’s leading suppliers offering over 50,000 products from promotional mugs to branded workwear. Marketing Agencies are one of the most significant markets for promotional merchandise, but Everythingbranded estimates that only 15% of lead agencies offer promotional products as part of a campaign pitch. Even then most allow the customer to source the items directly missing a fantastic opportunity for additional margin. Everything branded offer personal consultation and training for Marketing Agencies on how to add value via promotional merchandise. Contact us to learn how your agency can benefit. Alternatively, you can view our info board on Pinterest.   

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