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How To Get Your Brand Ahead With Personalised Bottles

4th February 2022 in Branding Advice

Your marketing strategy is only as clever and effective as the promotional products you use. It is why choosing appropriate branded items is essential for getting the desired results. Thankfully, there are plenty of promotional products that can help a brand achieve its marketing goals and get ahead of the competition. One of the most popular choices is personalised bottles!

You do not have to be a water company or a bottle manufacturer to include branded bottles in your marketing campaigns. Water is essential to life and all your customers need to consume it to stay healthy and fit. So, you will never go wrong with promotional bottles! However, it is essential to have a strategy to make the best use of personalised bottles to get your brand ahead. Here we discuss some of the best strategies for you to try.


Tradeshows are a great opportunity to promote your products and services to people looking to buy from or work with companies like yours. By giving away a reusable bottle that’s personalised with your brand name and logo, you can not only create a great first impression but also ensure that your brand goes home with potential customers and becomes memorable.

Local Events

Your local community can play a vital role in helping your brand get ahead. Many local events like fairs, picnics, competitions, and charity events are organised outdoors. It makes them perfect for giving out personalised water bottles and increasing brand awareness and recognition within the local community. Gifting promotional bottles during local events is particularly beneficial if you are a local brand with local customers.


Supporting a cause, charity, team, or organisation is an effective way of improving your brand’s reliability. Such sponsorships can help your brand align with notable causes and go a long way in building trust and loyalty. Branded water bottles can come in handy when creating sponsorship kits. Regardless of the team, charity, or organisation you support, branded bottles with your name and logo will make a great addition to the gift package and help your target clients stay healthy and hydrated.

Subscription Gift

Is increasing the number of subscriptions is a critical marketing goal? Offering a gift to every new subscriber can help achieve it swiftly. Since signing up involves sharing personal contact details and may take some time and effort, it is a good idea to reward subscribers with a promotional bottle for their trust. Since bottles are reusable, practical, and essential for all, you can expect good appreciation in the form of sign-ups.

Loyalty Reward

It takes time and a lot of effort to earn the loyalty of your customers. And it takes even more hard work to maintain it. One of the best ways of ensuring the continued loyalty of your special customers and showing your gratitude for their love and support is by gifting them high-quality promotional products like branded bottles. To make them feel special, you can even print a personalised message along with your name and logo to keep them coming back to you for more. A promotional bottle comes with sufficient space to print a personalised message and display the brand name and logo clearly and beautifully.

Why Choose Personalised Bottles?

There are several reasons why branded bottles are one of our top choices for taking a brand to the next level. Personalised water bottles give your brand repeated and often targeted exposure, and eventually improve your brand awareness over time. Moreover, water bottles come in many colours, shapes, and varieties. You will have ample choice when choosing a water bottle design for your brand and can easily make sure you get one that appeals to your audience. They are affordable, long-lasting, and also available in eco-friendly varieties, thus making them an ideal promotional gift for all occasions and purposes.

Personalised Bottles by EverythingBranded

Convinced branded bottles are the right choice for you? Then have a look at our extensive collection of branded sports bottles that are designed to give your marketing a boost! Choose from a wide range of colours, and styles including metal water bottles, plastic, glass, recycled, and even 360° digital print. Make sure your brand gets ahead with best-in-the-market promotional products.

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