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Promotional Travel Products: Give Your Brand Mobility

25th March 2018 in Branding Advice

Useful Promotional Travel Products For Summer It’s coming up to that time of year again when people will be starting to plan their next holiday. Start planning your promotional travel products campaign too! Reward your employees and customers as they head off for their well-earned break and make sure your brand goes with them, by giving them useful promotional travel products.We have a range of travel must-haves that they are sure to appreciate! 

When you’re travelling in the UK, bringing a raincoat with you is essential, given it rains over 100 days a year! A poncho won’t take up much room in a suitcase and is light to carry around with you when sightseeing. If you have employees who travel for work, Everything Branded has a variety of ponchos available, perfect for travelling and promoting your brand on the go. 

A travel wallet has compartments to hold passports, boarding passes, credit cards and coins. Keep travel documents and money safe in this compact wallet that can easily fit into a bag. On our website, there are many travel wallets you can choose from, in a range of colours and styles. Not only can you reward your employees and customers with a practical gift, but you can have them spread awareness of your brand as they travel.

One of the hurdles faced when travelling is keeping phones fully charged throughout the journey. Make sure your employees and customers are able to stay on their mobiles when mobile! Here at Everything Branded we have a range of different power banks, with significant space to display your business message or logo. Having a branded item that is useful will ensure your customers will remember you. 

A travel mug is excellent for keeping hot drinks warm on long trips and its reusable feature makes it ideal for environmentally conscious people. As well as being useful for leisurely travel, these are popular with those who commute a long distance to work. Having employees use one of your branded mugs as they commute to work will put your brand in front of other commuters also. Travel mugs are an affordable product for any marketing campaign. Everything Branded has a variety of travel mugs available for you to print your business logo or message onto. 

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