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Benefits of Promotional Products

19th July 2019 in Branding Advice

The Importance Of Promotional Products In The Marketing Mix

Living in the digital age means businesses are spoilt for choice when planning their marketing strategy. Online campaigns, social media, TV ads and print are all frequently used channels to engage with consumers, and often promotional merchandise is forgotten or undervalued. After all, promotional products are a bit old-school, right? Wrong. While their effectiveness isn’t as easily tracked through online analytics tools and data, merchandise can really help with your company’s branding. Research by The British Promotional Merchandise Association has shown the power promotional merchandise can have; it invokes brand loyalty in over three times as many recipients as the effects of the mediums of print, web, direct mail and TV. Furthermore, there’s a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and increase in sales. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why promotional products are a valuable part of the marketing mix.

They make you memorable (in a good way)

When questioned, 88 per cent of people said they remembered brands better if they received a promotional product from them. It also means your customer associates your business with something positive.

People keep promotional products if they’re practical

By offering an item that’s useful to your customers, your company can promote its services from inside their homes or workplaces. The right promotional products get kept and used. So if you’re after a way to raise awareness without requiring a time-sensitive call to action, branded items are a great way to gain a high number of impressions.

Improve your chance of getting business

Get this – research says 82% of people buy from businesses they received promotional merchandise from. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, and makes your brand stand out from your competitors.

Increase brand awareness

Even if you don’t make a sale, you’ll still have the benefit of exposure. An impressive 84% of people who received a promotional product agreed their awareness of the brand had increased. Products that people see or use regularly will help to reinforce brand recognition among your target audience.

Be seen for longer

Unlike a TV ad or mailshot, promotional products are likely to be a permanent and memorable fixture in many people’s lives. Nearly nine out of ten people given a complimentary promotional product keep it for 12+ months, whereas a TV ad disappears within a few seconds. As you can see, it’s always worth throwing promotional merchandise into your marketing mix. Great products can be a conversation starter and create a buzz around your brand, especially if the product is innovative and well thought out. As well as this, promotional merchandise can complement other forms of marketing, such as your experiential campaigns or TV ads, to create a greater impact and raise your brand’s profile in a competitive marketplace. 

Strengthen your brand perception with promotional products

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