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What is seasonal branding and why should you be using it?

8th January 2019 in Advice

Browse the aisles of any shop, and you can spot examples of seasonal branding. It works for food, drinks, clothes and homeware, but how can seasonal branding help your business?

Seasonal branding isn’t a complete brand makeover, it's tweaking your branding to fit a season or holiday. It is an important strategy for companies to consider when marketing themselves as it can help increase your profits, build loyalty and strengthen your company’s identity. People love the seasons and doing seasonal things, and your company should reflect this. Look on any social media platform during the New Year, and you’ll see 'new year, new me' health campaigns, green smoothie recipes and discounted gym memberships. This is just one example of seasonal appeal that hits consumers at a particular time of the year.

Using the existing interest in an upcoming season/event is an easy way to attract new clients to your brand. Consumers are already thinking about the upcoming holidays and seasons, so seeing your seasonal content and brand message feeds into that excitement. Once you get their attention, they will continue exploring your brand to see what other interesting things you offer. It's not just your products that should be reflecting seasonal branding, your website and content should be too. This will increase your relevance in the search engine. The longer you go without updating your website it becomes less relevant and will therefore be lower on the search.  Make sure to update your website posts and cover photos with relevant seasonal topics and pictures.

Personal Connection through Seasonal Branding

Seasonal branding can make clients feel a stronger connection to your company. You seem more personable and relatable and invested in its users. These connections go a long way in building your business. Your current clients gain a greater sense of loyalty as they feel appreciated and valued. Prospective clients want to get in on the action with a company that actually cares about people. Seasonal branding can be an effective icebreaker in developing those connections. All you have to do is follow through with positive, responsive interactions to grow your loyal fan base.

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