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What Is Internal Marketing and Why Is It Important?

2nd October 2018 in Advice

What is internal marketing and why is it important?

Internal marketing is the promotion of a company’s services and products first and foremost to its own employees. The idea behind it is employees who are enthusiastic about their company believe in and understand the company’s goals and vision are more likely to share that enthusiasm with others. This makes internal marketing an important part of external branding and marketing efforts. A customers’ attitude towards a company is not just based on the product/services it provides, but the overall experience they have with the company. A customer with a query may have to interact with various employees in different departments, possibly an exasperating experience for each side of the party, however, if an employee is an eager representative of the brand then the customer is more likely to have an enjoyable experience due to better customer care given by a happy employee.

How to begin internal marketing

  • Acting on employee suggestions and publicly acknowledging their input and dedication.
  • Investing in employees through training and personal development
  • Encouraging communication and collaboration by providing relaxed, casual areas for employee relaxation and meetings.
  • Providing fair salaries
  • Investing in company-branded products to reinforce a ‘team’ mentality
  • Encourage discussion and invite criticism
  • Ensure that company objectives are understood by all levels of staff

          Internal marketing is not about selling or initial financial gain, but about effective and inclusive staff management, motivation, and leadership. It is the manager's job to ensure that these standards are met and employees feel happy and supported.

A study was recently conducted to assess the impact of using promotional products as internal marketing. It was observed that the frequent use of promotional products not only increases work performance and a more positive employee attitude. The results also indicate that the use of this type of internal communication can dramatically increase sales. Those salespeople receiving the promotional products each week generated 40% more new transactions than before.

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