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Printed Products To Drive Your Automotive Business Forward

9th May 2018 in Branding Advice

Printed Products Drive Traffic

Driving traffic towards your business is the main aim of any marketing campaign. And the best way to achieve a successful marketing campaign is to be memorable, engaging and relevant, ensuring your customers keep coming back. Printed products provide a physical marketing element for the customers to engage with. Many automotive businesses create bonds with their customers in order to ensure they are the first port of call when it comes to needing that service again. You can use our range of printed motoring products to create a better impression and effectively create that bond. Bring in new customers with printed products that repeatedly put your brand in their environment, such as these car-shaped fridge magnets. Or you can use promotional gifts to help your customers celebrate the purchase of a new car. Here are a few more ideas of printed products you can use with an automotive theme!

Air Fresheners

Everything Branded has a fantastic range of promotional air fresheners, an affordable promotional product to giveaway and your customers will have something to take with them on the road. These air fresheners will make a great addition to your marketing campaign and will leave them with, not only a fresh-smelling car but a good impression of your brand. Air fresheners will last for weeks and even months continuously generating impressions on a daily basis.

Ice Scrapers

A useful printed product for when winter rolls around, ice scrapers will be kept in your customer's cars for years as a practical tool as well as a marketing one. You can giveaway these ice scrapers to your customers to keep them coming back to your company in the future and will make you stand out from your competitors. Ice scrapers are great for road safety campaigns and winter promotions. And with the extreme British weather, they're sure to be relevant to your customers.


An ideal promotional product to giveaway to please your customers and will definitely be well used. USB chargers are perfect for any long journey and useful for charging multiple devices at the same time. Everything Branded has a variety of affordable chargers for you to choose from as a great gift for your loyal customers.


Promotional sunshades can be stuck onto your vehicle windscreen, acting as a great way to promote your brand on the go and keep your car cool. These printed sunshades will look fantastic on any company vehicle and is a brilliant way of displaying your brand logo or message.



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