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Why You Need To Have An Interactive Trade Show Stand

3rd October 2018 in Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a fantastic source of new leads and exposure for your business. Like any other form of marketing, trade shows are all about results. The higher the number of attendees you can attract to your exhibition stand, the more leads you’ll walk away from the trade show with.

Approach a trade show with the view it’s a party, and your company is about to become the life and soul of it! Interactive activities are a great way to grab attention and draw trade show attendees into your booth to learn more about your product or brand.  When you’re thinking of fresh new ways to attract visitors, always keep your brand and your goals firmly in mind. Make sure your booth activities help you reach your show goals by giving potential customers and clients the perfect opportunity to learn more about your brand.

Struggling to make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd? Do not fear! Find inspiration from our tips and tricks on how to create an interactive trade show stand experience for attendees.

Games and toys

Games aren’t just for kids, bring the fun to your stand by hosting games and prizes throughout the day to generate interest and activity at your stand, creating an interactive trade show stand environment. Each prize should include your company name, logo, phone number, and website address as a way of self-promotion and to help people remember your company after the show ends. EverythingBranded has a wide range of promotional giveaways and branded tradeshow products for you to explore. 

  • Business Card Bowl Game. Encourage attendees to place their business cards in a bowl on a table at your booth. At the end of the show, put your hand in the bowl and pull out at random a business card, selecting the grand prize winner. The prize could be a discount voucher for your company or a gift basket of promotional products.
  • Trade Show Guessing Game. Fill a clear container with a small item, such as sweets with your company logo printed on them, then ask attendees to guess how many there are. Have participants fill out a small card with their information and their guess. Award the winning guesser with a unique prize specific to your company, or the bowl of sweets. The winner will then take the sweets back to their office and share it with their co-workers. Anyone who has a mint or chocolate won’t be able to do so without seeing your company’s logo or name!

Give attendees a place to relax and recharge their batteries

For as fun as they are, trade shows can be exhausting. Walking around, interacting with sales reps, and constant networking, can take their toll on anyone and leave them feeling tired. Instead of being just another exhibition stand to walk past, turn your booth into an oasis of peace, quiet, and relaxation for attendees. Set up comfortable armchairs and sofas for attendees to relax and chat in, complete with coffee and free WiFi.

Use creativity to your advantage

Design is usually the initial way to draw the crowds to your stand. At trade shows and conventions, it's easy to have everything blend together visually. Most businesses put together their trade show stand using the same information and design that goes into their brochures and marketing campaigns. The result is a generic stand that reads like a sales letter instead of an invitation. Make sure you have a booth that stands apart from the competition. Creativity stunts are growing in popularity and are a great way to create your interactive trade show stand. Recently a waste service used up their design budget by hiring a pair of social penguins from a local zoo “We beat the big exhibitors every time on a very small budget. We partnered with the local zoo to bring two penguins to our trade show booth. People crowded around our booth from the moment the show began. We handed out penguin-themed flyers and penguin stress balls. People STILL remember it!--Jesse Lear, V.I.P. Waste Services, LLC. 

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