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7 Top Tips for Making Your Next Exhibition Fly

21st August 2020 in Trade Shows

Your guide to stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition

Exhibitions are a great opportunity for many industries to get their name out there, network, and meet new people. Now more than ever it is important for your brand to be heard and here at EverythingBranded, we have some top tips to make your next exhibition be the best!

Choose the right exhibition

It is important for you to understand your industry and what type of exhibition would best excel in your company. Do some research into what exhibitions are available and understand which one would best suit your business.

Create a Plan

Make sure you know what your plan is for the day, ensure you have everything ready for your stands such as promotional products, table cloths, business cards, and flyers. Ensure you have the right people to be the face of your brand to meet, greet, and network with potential customers.

Know your budget

It is good to understand how much you have to spend on your event so that you can delegate costs to everything you need to buy. Whether that be promotional giveaways, costumes/outfits, business cards etc. Whatever it is that you might need to buy for the day, it is important that you understand how much you have to spend beforehand.

Promote and market before the show

Promotions need to start well in advance before your event. Make sure to do a campaign to let all your followers know you will be there and create your own hashtag. Be sure to invite your customers through social and email to give people something to talk about and encourage others to attend.

Consider QR codes

QR codes are the new and smart way for exhibitions. It makes the experience for those who visit your stand quick and easy. It allows participants to scan your own unique QR code and download your own PDF that gives more information about your business.


Network, network, and network again! This is crucial when attending an exhibition. This is your chance to meet lots of new people who work in a similar field to you. Growing your network will help upscale your business and allow your brand to become more known.

Have fun!

This is perhaps the most important of them all! After your hard work of planning for your exhibition, make sure to enjoy yourself and meet some amazing people.

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