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Promotional Products for IT & Technology Trade Shows

20th September 2018 in Trade Shows

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, most of us interact with some form of technology. This explosion in new technology makes our daily lives easier while facilitating growth and connectivity in our businesses. With over 40 IT & Technology trade shows happening this month alone across the globe, it won’t come as a surprise that IT & Technology Trade Shows are some of the most popular in the world, serving as a base to display the newest and most innovative tech products.

Trade shows are a great PR tool

A trade show gives you the opportunity to showcase your company to the world. With a well-designed stand and experienced staff, and well-thought-out promotional products you can provide potential customers with an impression of your company that they are likely to remember much better than any other form of marketing you can throw at them. 

We take a closer look at some of our branded USB & Tech products and promotional Trade Show products that has to offer.

Laptop Sleeve

Protect and personalise your laptop with your company name and logo. Consider laptop skins for promotional products when exhibiting at a tech trade show as every person attending will own a laptop, and therefore be interested in this product. This promotional product is a great way to draw potential clients to your stand as well as showcase your brand by way of using their laptops as a miniature billboard.

Lanyard USB FlashDrive

Small flash drives can be hard to keep track of, which is why this promotional USB flash drive lanyard is perfect for people on the go. Keep your most-needed files easily accessible with your silkscreened logo featured on the memory key. This item is also a perfect giveaway for college and law firms.                           

Laptop pouch

A Promotional Laptop Bag is perfect for advertising as a business/corporate gift. Just like the Laptop skin, this promotional product is a great way to draw potential clients to your stand as well as showcase your brand by way of using their laptop as a miniature billboard.                      

Puerto Usb Indux

It will be easy to send emails and make calls using this tech item! This customised phone stand is designed to hold mobile devices while sleekly displaying your logo on the front. Boasting three USB ports, this cost-effective tech item comes in multiple colours that will make your logo pop.                           

Tablet/laptop stand

Because who doesn't get tired of propping their tablet on their knees? The tablet/laptop stand raises your laptop and tablet to a more comfortable typing level. And with improved air circulation, your computer will run cooler and quieter, even when you're pushing it to the limits. Includes 2 cable management slots, one USB slot, and one stylus/pen slot.                    

Flexible Fridge Magnet Laptop

Here's the thing about giveaways: Folks like free stuff. The key is to make sure your free stuff is practical and will target customers to increase visibility for your brand. A promotional magnet can be slapped onto a fridge for all eyes to see. It can also land on an office cubicle, a gym locker, the back of a car, and any other place that attracts a magnet. Now, you're getting a lot of visibility with your giveaway.              

Strengthen your brand perception with promotional products

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