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CEO Paul Rowlett and Loui talk on podcast with Richard Shakespeare

15th November 2019 in News

Insights in to behind the scenes on Channel 4’s TV series ‘The Secret Teacher’

Paul and Loui had the opportunity to go on Richard Shakespeare’s podcast, where they talked about Channel 4’s TV series ‘The Secret Teacher’. Paul begins by explaining that the series was completely real, he even had a fake address prepared to prevent people from finding out the truth. In the podcast, we also went on to learn that there were many scenes cut from the series due to the amount of footage that was taken. Paul continued to talk about some of the challenges that he faced, as well as experiencing personal growth throughout the filming journey.

Paul saw an entrepreneur in Loui

In the podcast, we also got to learn more about Pauls's story and how he saw himself in Loui. Paul always knew he enjoyed business when he was younger, as he loved watching Dragons Den and was constantly thinking of ways in which he could make money. Some of the ways he did this were by selling clothes on eBay, car-washing and having his own tuck shop at school. Like Paul, Loui was also looking at ways to make money, such as selling sweets to his peers at school - which was shown on the TV series 'The Secret Teacher'.

What’s been achieved from Loui since the series was filmed?

Since the TV series finished, Loui has now moved down to Leicestershire where he has become a member of the EverythingBranded team! He now works as an Account Manager on the sales floor where he processes orders, answers customer enquiries and builds customer relations to meet the needs of what the client requires. Since working in an office environment, Loui has grown into a young adult and is taking on new responsibilities every day.

You can watch the full podcast on apple podcasts now. 



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