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How reusable face masks can save wildlife

16th September 2020 in News

How reusable face masks can save wildlife

We find ourselves in a new world where face masks are the new norm to wear out in public. The demand for face coverings has exploded over the last few months and is now an essential product for everyone’s day-to-day lives. We see face masks being sold on the shelves in all high street shops and supermarkets. Major retail brands have taken advantage of this new world and have turned face masks into a fashion accessory. Louis Vuitton has just released their brand-new designer face shield with golden studs for luxury buyers to purchase at a hefty cost of £90.

While many have opted for reusable face coverings, there is still a huge proportion of us that are using disposable masks. It is becoming apparent that disposable masks are causing enormous plastic waste problems to the environment. Disposable face coverings contain plastic that pollutes water and can harm wildlife therefore the government is urging people to switch from disposable to reusable masks.

Staggering statistics

  • National statistics suggest that 96% of adults who left their homes in the past week had worn a face covering.
  • It is expected that 75% of used masks will end up in landfills or floating seas.
  • The RSPCA is encouraging people with disposable masks to snip the straps. Since lockdown, the RSCPA has dealt with over 900 incidents of animals getting caught in litter including elastic bands.

A New World… A New Problem… We have the solution!

The thought of harming wildlife is heartbreaking, which is why we believe it is important for people to understand the impacts. Showing the options of different face masks available might encourage some people to switch from disposable to reusable. EverythingBranded offer a wide range of reusable face masks that can be washed and reused every time you go out. 

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