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Make Your Logo Bigger With Printed Promotional Bags

10th February 2022 in Branding Advice

Every company requires a good marketing strategy to achieve its business goals. While digital marketing and social media marketing may take up a large chunk of the marketing budget, it is wise to also invest in some traditional marketing techniques, like promotional marketing. Still considered an effective strategy for connecting with customers on a personal level, promotional marketing has come a long way from the days of using just pens, stationery, and mugs for branding and giving to customers. Today, businesses have the option to choose from thousands of different products and put their logo and name on something that represents their brand most closely or is an attractive promotional product for their target market. Promotional bags are one such product category that is practical, attractive and resonates well with a wide audience range.

Why Promotional Bags?

Promotional bags deliver on all fronts and can give great ROI at a relatively low cost. Many surveys have shown that more than 70% of consumers own promotional bags and use them for an extended period. By putting your branding on promotional bags, you can ensure maximum, long-term exposure for your brand. Moreover, since bags are mostly used outdoors, they help advertise your brand to a different audience each time they are used. Whether it is retaining existing customers or attracting new ones, promotional bags are effective in achieving multiple business goals.

Making Your Logo Bigger With Printed Promotional Bags

One of the biggest advantages of using promotional bags in your marketing campaign is the large surface area they offer for branding. Unlike smaller promotional products that come with limited space for printing, promotional bags offer ample space for printing your logo in bold, bright, and prominent print. Branded bags are also great when launching a new product as they allow you to print a personalised message along with the name and logo and give a big boost to your campaign.

The bigger and clearer your branding, the more recognisable and memorable your brand! And you can give away printed promotional bags with your logo and name printed in big and bold at tradeshows, conferences, as freebies for sign-ups, product launches, and as gifts to loyal customers at the time of purchase.

Types of Promotional Bags

Another great benefit of using bags for promotional marketing is that they are available in various designs and styles. From tote bags, travel bags, and laptop bags to backpacks, drawstring bags, shopping bags, and sports bags, there are several varieties available for printing your logo and increasing your brand awareness. Brands that want to promote their commitment towards combating climate change, can also choose eco-friendly bags for putting their logo and message, and improve their brand impression within no time.

Promotional Bags from EverythingBranded

EverythingBranded has one of the largest collections of branded bags online. Based on your brand requirements, we can print a large logo on a variety of promotional bags to help increase your brand awareness and generate more leads. All you need to do is send us your logo and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer free visuals so you can be confident that your finished promotional bags will look better than anticipated. Ready to spread the word about your brand? Contact our team today!

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