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5 Marketing Tips to Achieve Customer Happiness

20th March 2018 in Branding Advice

Your 'How to' in Customer Happiness

Making sure your customers are happy and satisfied with your product or service is of the utmost importance in business. Marketers not only have to focus on bringing in new customers, but making sure that the existing customers are looked after also. Ensuring customer satisfaction will result in a number of benefits for your brand. They will likely use your business again and become loyal to your brand, but they will also help spread the word! Customer recommendation is one of the most effective forms of marketing. When it comes to the perception of your brand, consumer communication can either make or break it. Harvard Business Review found that 48% of those who had a negative experience of a brand, had told 10 others. In addition, it is said that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for just one failure. Here are 5 tips to keep your customers smiling!

1. Rapid Response Time

In customer service, having a reasonable response time will help keep your levels of customer happiness high. When a customer is in need, it is imperative that there is someone readily available to assist them throughout the process of the transaction. Whether this be by phone, Email or chat!

2. Customer-Focused Content

Once a customer has purchased from you, they expect more targeted content from your marketing campaigns. Sending the same marketing materials that you would send to prospective customers won't work. These customers know your brand, try providing product updates or customer-specific offers and promotions.

3. Social Sharing & Engagement

Use Social Media channels to engage with your customers. If you work with other businesses, follow them! Showing an interest in what your customers are up to will help build a stronger relationship between your brand and your customers.

4. Listen to Feedback

Gathering feedback and responding to it is one of the key factors in building customer relations. People appreciate having their opinion heard and are more likely to share their thoughts about your brand if it is acknowledged. Positive and negative feedback should be addressed, showing how you resolve negative feedback and make changes based on feedback shows the importance of customer experience.

5. Promotional Products

Once you have established a community of existing and loyal customers, reward them! Promotional product gifts are an excellent way of showing your appreciation for your customers. You can offer gifts following a certain number of transactions or seasonally! Giving back to your customers is a sure way of increasing customer happiness and loyalty!

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