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What Can Your Business Do for International Day of Charity?

24th July 2018 in Charity

Who Created this International Day?

Created by the United Nations in 2012, International Day of Charity is celebrated on 5th September and aims to give charities the recognition they deserve for helping save and improve people’s lives across the world. The reason it takes place on this date is that it is the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, who devoted her whole life to charity work.

Fundraising Ideas for Businesses

Your business can take part in this International Day and support the work of nonprofit organisations! This is also a great opportunity for Social Media engagement, using images of your fundraiser can help boost your reach and spread awareness for your brand as well as the charities you choose to support. If you’d like your business to celebrate International Day of Charity, there are many fundraisers your business can hold, inside or outside the office. Here are a few ideas:

Bake Sale

Bake sales are easy to hold in your office and help to involve everyone in your team. You can encourage your employees to bake cakes or even buy from a shop. Simply make a donation to receive a slice! Top tip: why not introduce an element of competition? Give a prize for the best baker!

Fun Run

If you have a particularly active office, this is an excellent way of raising funds. Family and friends can sponsor employees for their participation in a run of your chosen distance. A great event if you’d prefer to do something outside of the office and an enjoyable event for your employees to participate in. Top tip: make it even more fun by introducing fancy dress.

Dress Down Day

If your office usually has a smart dress code, your employees will love to dress casual for day in return for a small donation. Top tip: you can include a theme for your dress down day e.g. sportswear Charity Work

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