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How Businesses Can Prepare for the 2022 World Cup

12th September 2022 in Sports & Fitness

Businesses across the world will be preparing for the upcoming and long-awaited FIFA World Cup. The tournament will last a month, with it being kicked off in Qatar on the 20th of November 2022, and the final will be played on the 18th of December 2022.

7 Ways businesses can prepare properly for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. In fact, there have been several World Cup games in the past where there were over 1 billion viewers, with a couple games even hitting over 2 billion viewers! Naturally, with numbers as high as these, the World Cup is a familiar event to billions of people.

With the highly celebrated and biggest footballing event around the corner, here are 7 ways businesses can prepare for it:

1. Organise an office party to celebrate everybody’s nations before the start of the tournament.

This would help to keep employees happy, as they would have an opportunity to get behind their home nation, whether that is one from the UK or not! Happy employees = thriving business!

2. Decorate office/working spaces

The World Cup is such an exciting time for so many people, and possibly the biggest event of some people’s lives. The morale and culture in the office can be significantly boosted by simply having a range of flags, footballs and other football-related decorations.

3. Treat employees with treats and branded products

One of the best ways to keep employees going and motivated is through incentives. An example of this could be through a goody bag that includes branded promotional products such as stress balls, notepads, footballs and more, all of which can be branded or customised with their nation’s flags on!

4. Organise fun World Cup related activities

There is so much that you could do here. From table football to beer pong to quizzes to friendly 1v1 football and much more. Give the team a break from work-related stress and have some fun – it will benefit your business massively!

5. Use promotional products to get some buzz on your social media accounts

The World Cup will definitely be trending this November and December. Why not use some of this social media hype to get your brand some more exposure on social media! Promotional world cup products could easily capture the attention of thousands of people, and your brand logo would also be seen! As well as this, your account will have a larger reach and could gain a larger audience. Show the world what you do and how you can help them!

6. Organise an office party after the World Cup final

Celebrate the success of the winning nation as a team! It could be the nation of some of your own employees, and even if it isn’t, lift the mood (or enhance it further) with a party to celebrate the success or progress of everybody’s nations!

7. Do giveaways to gain awareness and publicity

Promotional World Cup products given away to potential customers could make them remember your gesture and easily convert them into customers. Items relevant to their business or generic products like promotional pens or branded notebooks could do the trick!

As you can see, the World Cup offers so many opportunities for businesses. Get yourself over to our World Cup page and see what you would be missing out on if you don’t take advantage of the worlds biggest sporting event!

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