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Coffee Mugs - The Top 5 Choices For Coffee Drinkers

16th March 2022 in Branding Advice

Introducing potential clients to your company can be quite a task. If you often find yourself wondering if there's a better way to grab your client's attention without exhausting the marketing budget, you’re not alone! But there is a simple solution to this problem - Branded coffee mugs. According to the National Coffee Association, 64% of Americans consume coffee daily. Companies have an excellent opportunity to leverage this and improve their brand visibility by putting their logo on customised coffee mugs and giving them to their customers and target groups.

Thanks to their utility and reusability, coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional items of all. A personalised coffee mug with your company name and logo, or your brand message, is a powerful, cost-effective, and unique marketing tool that can gain your customers’ attention and loyalty straight away. If you’re looking for the perfect promotional product to entice your customers, here are our top 5 coffee mugs that will boost your campaign.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic mugs have a smooth, glossy appearance and are often the go-to choice for most coffee drinkers. They come with ample space for representing your brand creatively and impactfully. Based on your requirements and choice, you can everything from your logo, name, and tagline to any marketing message on a ceramic coffee mug and make it attractive. Branded ceramic coffee mugs are also an excellent option if you are looking at bulk buying, and you even have the choice to pick colours that match your branding.

Metal Travel Coffee Mugs

If it is longevity you desire, metal mugs are the best choice. These mugs are made of stainless steel and keep drinks hot or cold for hours, making them the ideal promotional product for your on-the-go target audience. In addition, these are sturdy and last for years, giving you a great return on investment. Since these mugs go everywhere your customer goes, they end up increasing your brand reach across multiple geographical locations.

Plastic Coffee Mugs

Although used for both hot and cold drinks, plastic mugs are ideal for cold coffee. They are effective in promoting your brand in all kinds of events and venues, including bars, outdoor events, and corporate gatherings. Because they are durable, easy to manage and low cost compared to others, branded plastic coffee mugs are a favourite for many businesses. Unlike ceramic mugs, these are more on-the-go products that have a longer shelf life.

Thermal Travel Flasks

This eco-friendly travel mug is the most durable out of all coffee mugs, making it the popular choice of the environment-loving population. They are used by customers for a long time and not tossed away after a few uses. Coffee drinkers are often loyal towards the mug they drink in; this one will be their companion for the long haul, whilst always keeping their drink piping hot. In addition, thermal travel flasks offer a spacious canvas for you to print your promotional message on.

Porcelain Coffee Mugs

A porcelain coffee mug is covered with a glazed effect and has a fine and smooth texture. Its glossy appearance and design can help you attract your customers' attention. It is a great marketing tool and can essentially serve as an elegant business card and give your brand some much-needed visibility at affordable prices. Be creative with your printing, and your porcelain coffee mug appeal to even the most sophisticated of all customers.

Now that you know the top 5 coffee mugs, explore our vast range of promotional coffee mugs, and pick those that complement your business the best. With EverythingBranded, you can ensure a wider reach at the most economical prices. Contact us now at 0116 3660052 and get started!

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