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A Kick Start To Your World Cup Campaign

31st August 2022 in Branding Advice

Kick off your marketing campaign

The 2022 World Cup starts on November 20, it’s a global event that is watched by 3.2 Billion people around the world. The host nation Qatar kicks off the tournament against Ecuador. The first-ever world cup was held in 1930 and has been running every 4 years for about 88 years in total. Over the last 88 years, football's premier event has been an increasingly lucrative time to market your brand. To kick start a great world cup campaign we have several football-themed promotional products available, here are a few of our favourites.

With the football pen, you can use it as a giveaway competition for your customers and potential customers. A campaign for the most relevant topic like the World Cup is great for drawing attention to your business/company.

The promotional product ‘football rattle’ can be used to create some noise about your brand and promote your ongoing campaign. The old-school football rattle can still be effective in the modern marketing campaign.

Our promotional stress football can be used to promote your brand easily and attract existing and potential customers. You can raise awareness of your World cup campaign which will easily attract more and more customers as the world cup starts. 

A promotional product such as the small football net is a surefire way to score quickly with your customers. The net would be a great promotional product for an inter-department sports day, a school event or a charity fundraising day. Become top of the league with Everything Branded products. We have a range of products that we sell for you to help your brand grow and stay in time with society and what’s going on in the world.

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