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Choosing the Right Promotional Products for English Wine Week

10th May 2018 in Branding Advice

Starting on Saturday, May 26th - June 3 is English Wine Week, a time to celebrate English wine across the country. There are 502 vineyards in the UK and 66% of the wine produced is sparkling. You can create the ultimate wine-themed marketing campaign for the occasion, using promotional wine products. Celebrate the occasion by attending wine tasting sessions, drinking your favourite wine or hosting your own wine-themed event. You can use promotional products with a wine theme to feature your company logo and give your employees and customers something to commemorate the event. Here are just a few ideas for promotional products you can use for your English Wine Week campaign.

Promotional Wine Rack

A wine rack is perfect for displaying wine at your pub, bar or party and can hold up to three bottles of wine. A wine rack featuring your logo would be an excellent promotional gift for customers with a love of fine English wines! has a range of wine racks available for you to personalise with a design of your choice.

Promotional Wine-Coloured Pens

Wine-coloured pens are perfect for promoting any business celebrating English Wine Week. A stylish promotional gift to present to your customers to celebrate the occasion. Everything Branded has a range of pens in a wine colour, which you can showcase your business logo and message on.

Promotional Wine Sets

We offer a variety of printed wine sets on our website, customise a wine set box with an exclusive design of your choice. The promotional alcohol products featured on our website would make a fantastic special business gift or even give at an exhibition or a trade show. The printed wine sets come with additional accessories to make them more appealing, to see the features of the wine sets you can visit our page ‘promotional wine glasses’. 

Promotional Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an ideal promotional product for increasing brand awareness, you can personalise this product with a design of your choice. Check out a variety of printed bottle openers at Everything Branded perfect gifts for your employees or clients.

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