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Why Accountancy, Banking & Finance Products Are Great For Promotion

20th October 2022 in Accountancy, Banking and Finance

If you were wondering about branding products relating to accountancy, banking or finance, we shall have you know that this is completely do able. Are you hosting a financial meeting or a  conference in relation to your businesses performance? Well, look no further than our shop by industry page where we have gathered the perfect promotional products for Accountancy, Banking and Finance. Give your brand logo or text the recognition it deserves by having it printed or embroided into our promotional conference pens, leather notebooks & money boxes. 

Did You Know? 

  • 89% Of People Keep Promotional Products If They’re Practical
  • Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness For 84% Of People
  • 79% Of People Given Promotional Products Admit They’re More Likely To Do Business With The Brand

Just look at these awesome stats! Wouldn’t you want your business name to be amongst the public eye of recognition. Your product could increase your brands awareness by 84%. This is most certainly a huge amount of engagement in which your brand could could gain. A perfect oppertunity to have your brand remembered by the public eye. 

Ways branded merchandise promotes your brand

Customers will remember you

Let’s say you give away branded pens to customers as a token of appreciation. Every time the customer uses that pen, the customer will be bound to remember your brand and the good experience they had with you. You’d be lying if you said you wouldn't want that for your brand. 

Increases customer lifetime value

Using the example above, if someone is constantly seeing your brand logo and remembering their experience with you, they are more likely to make repeat purchases from your company. This could lead to them becoming increasingly loyal to your brand, and eventually lead to them becoming one of your top customers.

Extremely cost-effective

Branded products are so affordable that it is almost criminal that every business doesn’t make full use of them. At EverythingBranded, we have thousands of products at under £1 per unit.

As you can see, promotional merchandise is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It’s extremely affordable yet so powerful. Brands like RedBull have made full use of branded merchandise, and hundreds of more world-famous brands like JD Sports, Porsche and other massive brands are now following suit. The question we ask is: why aren’t you?

Reach Out Today

Taking into consideration some of the key factual figures, this should give you a clear idea as to why you must begin using promotional products. What a better way to gain brand awareness by giving out promotional items to colleges, staff members or the general public. Be sure to contact EverythingBranded right away and enquir about our Industry specific products today!

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