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The Benefits Of Using Promotional Pencils In Your Marketing Campaign

31st January 2022 in Branding Advice

Branded pens and desk items are the most effective and well-loved promotional marketing products. But did you know? Branded pencils are just as popular! Pencils are multi-purpose and are used by people of all age groups, from kids to adults. Plus, they are more cost-effective and long-lasting for volume purchasing and offer better flexibility than other writing materials. You can give them away as part of gift bags, send them safely via post, or use them to increase brand awareness at tradeshows and conferences. One product, many possibilities! Although widely used by all businesses, branded pencils are particularly popular with corporate companies and businesses in the education, architecture, and construction sectors.

At EverythingBranded, we know just how to help you make a positive impact on your clients, with branded pencils! We will not only print your logo and brand name but will also help you choose the right product to ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure. We understand what works with your customers. So we’ve got a whole range of most-wanted branded pencils that can get your brand noticed.

Mechanical Pencils

An attractive and practical promotional solution for the office, mechanical pencils are ideal for printing your logo and branding in all its glory! They require no sharpening and are refillable with lead tips that never get dull or blunt with use. Mechanical pencils are popularly used as corporate promotional items because they can remind customers of your brand for the longest time.

Standard Wooden Pencils

Nothing is more reminiscent of our school days as a standard wooden pencil! It’s natural, inexpensive, and perfect for bulk purchasing. If your business is looking for an environment-friendly way of getting your brand name out there, wooden pencils are just what you need for the job.

Colouring Pencils

Want to add some colour to your marketing campaign? Colouring pencils are the way to go! Branded colouring pencils are a fun and colourful way to promote your brand. Popular with children, promotional colouring pencils are extensively used by educational institutes, airlines, restaurants, and hotels to keep kids entertained and make their brand memorable.

Carpenter Pencils

You’ve probably seen oddly shaped carpenter pencils and wondered why they are so designed. Carpenter pencils differ from standard pencils in having a rectangular or elliptical shape that prevents them from rolling away. These weirdly shaped pencils serve a vital function in carpentry, engineering, and building work. They are practical, long-lasting, and great for printing your brand logo and name.

Branded Pencils by EverythingBranded

Whether you want to include branded activity packs for kids in your restaurant or improve your branding with professional branded pencils and stationery, we’ve got everything you need! You can choose from our extensive range of well-loved branded budget pencils, eco-friendly pencils, mechanical pencils, and colouring pencils and add life to your marketing campaigns. What’s more? You can even pair your branded pencils with other promotional stationery like customisable pencil cases, erasers and more — all of which will give your brand long-lasting visibility.

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