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Round Table Meeting: Building the Brand!

7th March 2023 in Branding Advice

Professional services firms are always looking for new ways to grow their business and attract clients. One approach that many firms are taking is investing in marketing and PR to help build their brand and establish themselves in their respective markets. But what is the right approach, and how can firms be sure that their efforts will pay off?

We at EverythingGlobal recently held a discussion which brought together several industry experts to explore these questions and more. The panel agreed that when it comes to marketing, consistency is key. Firms must think carefully about their values and messaging and ensure that they are communicated clearly and consistently across all marketing channels.

Steve Noss, head of creative at Cooper Parry, emphasized that messaging is paramount and that the right mix of marketing channels is secondary. If the message is not clear and compelling, no amount of marketing will make a difference. Our Commercial Director at EverythingGlobal, James Kyte, added that firms should be careful not to let good messages get lost in the social media ether. It is important to frame messages in a way that appeals to the specific clients a firm is targeting.

Emma Houghton, from Shakespeare Martineau, stressed that everything comes back to the client. Firms must think carefully about which platforms their clients value the most and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. Anna Smith, from Nelsons, added that marketing is ultimately about reaching the people you want to reach.

Despite the challenging economic environment, the panel agreed that professional services firms should continue to invest in marketing. Stephanie Dennis, from Finch Consulting, argued that firms need to experiment and challenge how they spend their marketing budgets. Jo Chileshe, from KPMG, emphasized the importance of demonstrating ROI and taking people on the journey.

The rise of ESG messages was also discussed, with the panel agreeing that it is important to get the balance right between environmental, social, and governance issues. Firms must be transparent and avoid greenwashing.

The panel also discussed the relative merits of employing an in-house PR team versus working with an external agency. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the consensus was that consistency is key. Firms must decide what works best for them and ensure they maintain a consistent approach.

Looking to the future, the panel discussed the changing landscape of marketing and the potential for new platforms such as TikTok. While some panellists questioned the business case for these platforms, others saw potential in them. Our Marketing Director at EverythingGlobal, Rob Mobsby, stated “At EverythingGlobal, we’re increasingly doing more on YouTube, because at the end of the day, it’s a huge search engine. Perhaps companies will move away from LinkedIn? It’s changing. The messages being put out on LinkedIn are becoming much more personal.”

In conclusion, marketing and PR are crucial to the success of professional services firms. Consistency is key, and firms must think carefully about their messaging and tailor their marketing efforts to their clients. By doing so, firms can establish themselves in their markets and attract new clients.

The Panel

Jo Chileshe, KPMG
Hilary Campton, V Formation
Stephanie Dennis, Finch Consulting
Natalie Elder, Provantage Corporate Finance
Ian Evans,
Jack Hickey,
Emma Houghton, Shakespeare Martineau
James Kyte, EverythingGlobal
Rob Mobsby, EverythingGlobal
Talia Masters, Claritas Tax
Steve Noss, Cooper Parry
Anna Smith, Nelsons

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