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Smile for Joel – Wristband Donation

3rd September 2020 in Charity

Fundraising generates a large portion of income for charities along with any other external donations. The lack of events has hit the charity sector hard. For their 5th year Anniversary, SmileforJoel has got inventive and started remote fundraisers with their latest event #RunFromHome. You can register online and once registered you will receive your wristband and bib in the post.  

EverythingBranded supported SmileforJoel back in 2017 when we provided the charity with promotional products. This year EverythingBranded donated 500 wristbands towards their fundraiser #RunFromHome.

SmileforJoel was created after the tragic Tunisian terror attacks in 2015. The charity’s founder, Suzy, lost three family members in the attacks. Her son Joel, her father Pat and her brother Ade. Through the heartache of losing loved ones, Suzy didn’t want their names to ever be forgotten. She wanted to make a difference in their name for others who experienced losing loved ones in such a tragic way.

SmileforJoel was set up as a fund-raising charity to help broken families who are victims of homicide. The group gives the funds directly to families for them to get the support they desperately need. The money is used in a number of ways, from taking time out for family breaks to special counselling. The pandemic has hit businesses nationally and globally. While the government does its best to get the economy back on its feet, charities across the UK have been trying to continue to help those in need despite their limitations and lack of funding. Research conducted by the Institute of Fundraising supported by PwC found that on average, charities report that they are expecting a 24% reduction in total income for the year which equates to a £12.4 billion loss in total.  

During lockdown (between 23rd March and the 12th May 2020):

  • Charities received 29% less income than they had budgeted for.
  • 84% of charities reported a decrease or a significant decrease in their income.
  • 92% of charities reported a fall in trading income during the lockdown with just 5% reporting that income from trading had increased.

Paul Rowlett, CEO of EverythingBranded, said: “Working in the promotional product industry we encounter some of the worthiest causes and some of the most heartbreaking stories. SmileforJoel has taken a traumatic bereavement and is using it to support other families who may be experiencing a similar loss. “We are proud to be donating a few promotional products to their cause.” For more information about SmileForJoel and the fantastic work they do, head to their website.

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