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Promotional Products for the Charity Industry

14th March 2022 in Charity

Charities and non-profit organisations play a vital role in raising awareness about important causes and gathering funds to support those most affected. It is why raising funds and encouraging more donations are two of the biggest priorities for charitable organisations. But it has become increasingly difficult for non-profits to increase funds and donations in recent years. Hence, more and more charities are employing marketing strategies to attract and retain more donors. One of the most effective strategies that never fails to grab the attention of the target groups is promotional marketing. Whether it is a children’s charity, a non-profit about a particular illness, a humanitarian organisation, or an environmental charity, all non-profit organisations can benefit from giving promotional products. So how do charity promo products help promote a cause and give a good ROI to charities?

Ways Charity Marketing & Promotional Products Can Help Non-Profits

First and foremost, charity marketing and promotional products can help promote the charity itself. Bigger charities may not need to raise brand awareness before focusing on increasing donations, but it is crucial for small and medium-sized charities to first spread the word about their organisation and the cause they are supporting. By giving away high-quality branded products to volunteers and donors, charities can ensure they are seen and recognised by potential supporters and donors. Since there are several inexpensive products to choose from, such as promotional pens, branded sports bottles, printed wristbands, etc., non-profits can achieve all this without overspending their marketing budget.

Another marketing goal that can be achieved with charity promotional products is donor retention. Branded items can be gifted to show appreciation to existing donors for their financial contributions. They can also be given to volunteers as a thank you for their invaluable support. Rewarding donors and volunteers by giving practical and high-quality promotional items like t-shirts, keyrings, mugs, tote bags and more, non-profits can ensure their continued support and contribution.

Charity Marketing Ideas With Promotional Products

There are several charity marketing ideas that non-profits can try to increase donations and raise awareness about their cause. Some of the most popular and effective ideas include:

• Giving away branded promo products to donors during charity events.

• Sending small promotional products like stickers, badges, and keyrings to potential and existing donors in postal campaigns.

• Selling high-end, high-quality branded promotional items at charity drives and events and using the proceeds for the cause.

Top Charity Promo Products

Charities have many options when it comes to promotional products for their marketing campaigns or events. The best-branded items are those that appeal to and cater to the needs of the target groups. For sophisticated donors, the best charity promotional items would be:

Promotional Clothing

Promotional Tech Products

Promotional Gift Sets

Promotional Tote & Sling Bags

For volunteers and small donors, non-profits can gift:

Branded Travel Mugs

Promotional Pens

Customised Keychains

Promotional Bottles

Customised Giveaways

Here at EverythingBranded, we have a wide range of fundraising gifts and giveaways that can be branded with your logo. Find the perfect charity gifts to reward anyone who partakes in your fundraising event. Our cost-effective but high-quality products would make the perfect gift to encourage others to get involved.

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