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Save Money While Doing Good

4th March 2020 in Green

Eco-friendly Alternatives

It's all about saving the planet.  We're increasingly being made aware of the impacts and the risks faced to the environment if changes aren't made now. The government are pushing businesses to become more sustainable to help lower their carbon footprint.

How can your business put this into practice? 

Products used by employees and customers daily could be replaced for eco-friendly alternatives. These could be items such as pens, notebooks, drinking cups or bags. Not only will you be saving money while doing good, but impressing potential customers with your approach in helping the planet. 

Eco-friendly pen alternatives

We have a range of eco-friendly pen alternatives to be loved by your customers. Some of these alternatives include bamboo/wooden, biodegradable or recycled pens. Our bestselling 'Contour Pen' now comes in an eco-friendly alternative known as contour bamboo ballpen.

Eco-friendly bag alternatives

Our eco-friendly bags are the perfect alternative from plastic. Whether you are looking for paper, recycled or reusable bags, we have the ideal choice. One of our favourite eco-friendly reusable bags would be our green & good Portobello 4oz cotton bag. After the government introduced the plastic bag fee, we have started to see the shift in people's approach to reusing bags.

Eco-friendly drinkware alternatives

We have a wide range of eco-friendly drinkware such as bamboo and recycled cups. We also have a variety of eco-friendly straws which have become increasingly popular since the plastic straw ban. Some of our straws include stainless steel metal, silicone and paper. All of which can be custom designed and printed with your company logo and details.  

Please speak to our team to learn more about eco-friendly products

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, you can give us a call on 0116 3660052, or you can get in touch via our online chat service. To visit our full eco range, please click here.

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