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Rebranding Your Company For The New Year?

29th November 2022 in Branding Advice

How EveryhtingBranded Can Help You Rebrand 

Rebranding your company can be a big step, but it can also be a great way to boost sales and attract new customers. Why rebrand? Your brand is your identity and differentiating yourself from competitors can certainly give you the upper edge. Here at EveryhtingBranded, we offer custom personalisation to each and every product available on site, making each and every product the perfect marketing tool for you!

A big step, but a great way to boost sales and attract new customers.

It's important to know that rebranding isn't just about the name of your business. It's more than just changing the logo or slogan on your sign and products—it's about changing how people see you and what they think of when they hear your company name. Rebranding is all about creating an image for yourself that stands out from competitors, while still reflecting who you are as a person or brand. You want to make sure that every part of how you present yourself reflects this new identity in some way, whether it's through social media posts or utilising promotional products as a marketing tool, you can most certainly get your brand out their within an instance! 

Why rebrand?

If you have a business, there are several reasons why rebranding might make sense for your company. Here are just a few:

  • Brand recognition is important for attracting customers. If your company's name is hard to pronounce or spell, it could turn away potential customers who might otherwise be interested in doing business with you.
  • Your logo may not properly represent what your brand stands for anymore. For example, if the original owner of an ice cream shop founded back in 1960 passed away and his daughter took over the business today, her new logo would probably look different than her father's did when he started out! Rebranding can help keep up with evolving trends in society so that consumers don't think they're still living in 1960s America (or whatever decade it was) by default when they see those old logos on businesses around town...or online!
  • New employees coming on board might need more training than current ones do because things have changed since they last worked there—so why not consider making some changes now so everyone has clear expectations about responsibilities going forward?

Your brand is your identity and differentiating yourself from competitors.

Branding is more than a logo; it’s about your company’s values and mission, who you are as a business and how you want to be perceived by others. Branding can help build trust among clients. It helps customers remember your business and makes them feel good about doing business with you, which leads to repeat sales of your products or services. A strong brand will also create brand loyalty among consumers, allowing them to associate positive feelings with the products or services that bear the same name as the company itself. 

When is the right time to rebrand?

The answer is simple: it's never too early or too late. If you start now, you'll be prepared for when your company needs new branding materials. However, if you wait until next year, then it will take longer to get everything ready and may cost more money in the long run. However, with 2023 fast approaching, this is a great oppertunity to jumop on board with the idea of rebranding your business and utilising promotional products. The trick is knowing what you want out of your rebranding process before making any decisions about when it should happen. A good way to figure this out is by taking a look at EveryhtingBranded for the perfect marketing tool which you feel may certainly generate impressions for your business or organisation. 

Launch your new brand right.

When you're about to launch a new brand, it's important to make sure you have a solid plan in place. This means having an idea of who your target audience is—not just what they look like or where they live, but also what their needs are and how your product or service can best meet those needs. A marketing strategy should be developed that incorporates this information so that you can effectively reach out to these potential customers in ways that are relevant. Make sure everyone knows when a rebranding will happen. Send out an email blast ahead of time so people know what time they should tune in & put up banners alongside your website or storefronts announcing what day a grand rebranding will be held on. 

Why promotional Products Are Perfect For Rebranding?

  • 83% of people prefer being given a promotional item such as a pen 
  • 66% of people who purchase a promotional product will remember your branding 
  • 12 Months is the avarage time in which a promotional product is held for 
  • 91% of the general public find that a promotional product to be useful.

So why not choose Promotional Products? Did you know that branded products are considered the best marketing tool in ensuring that your branding is able to get the most impressions throughout it's lifetime.. Considering that a promotional product is kept at an avarage of 12 months, this leaves you enough time to ensure that your branding is gaining the most attention. 


Rebranding is a big step, but it can be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner. If your company is ready to take on the next level, rebranding might be the right move for you.

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