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Promotional Products in the Sports Industry – Power & Longevity

9th February 2022 in Sports & Fitness

Promotional products are used in nearly all industries to quickly gain the public’s attention and make a great first impression. And the sports and fitness industry is no different. Whether you’re running a sports club, a gym, a sports team, or a sports equipment business, promotional marketing can be an effective way of spreading the word about your organisation. The vital thing to ensure is to choose relevant promotional products to get the brand awareness you desire. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Promotional Drinkware 

No matter the sport, it is crucial to stay hydrated. It is why sports bottles and drinkware are the best promotional products for businesses in this industry. What’s more? There is an increased demand for eco-friendly sports drinkware that can easily be tapped to generate more brand awareness and interest. And with so many different colours, designs, materials, and sizes available, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to promotional sports drinkware for your business.

Custom Apparel

No sports marketing is complete without promotional clothing. Ideal for giving attendees, customers and team members, branded sports clothing makes a great promotional gift at events. From t-shirts and jackets to hoodies and activewear, there is a wide range of promotional apparel that can be branded with your logo and included in your campaign.

Printed Bags

Whether your customers are sports players or fitness enthusiasts, they will need sports bags to carry their clothing, water bottles and other essentials when going for training. Businesses can quickly generate a buzz around their brand by using promotional sports bags in their marketing. They not only give your name and logo good exposure but also ensure that you get a good ROI for an extended period. You also have many varieties to choose from, based on your budget. From backpacks and boot bags to holdalls and drawstring bags, you can choose any or all to make your campaign successful.

Branded Technology Products

These days it has become difficult to imagine sports and fitness without gadgets. It gives businesses an excellent opportunity to use high-end tech products like headphones, speakers, smartwatches, and pedometers to attract new customers and reward existing ones. Based on your budget, you can put your logo on one or even multiple tech products and improve your brand awareness and sales

Reasons To Use Sports Promotional Products

Fitness enthusiasts and sports fans like to buy everything from their favourite sports brand or club. Sports businesses can increase their brand awareness and generate more sales from their marketing campaigns. But that’s not all – promotional marketing has several other benefits for sports businesses, as discussed below:


Branded sports products are a long-lasting marketing strategy. Whether it is exercise equipment, drinkware, bags, technology products or clothing items, all promotional sports items last and allow the brand to make 1000s of impressions without any extra cost.

New Customers

Promotional sports products are great for generating leads and reaching new customers. Since some sports promotional merchandise like sports bottles, headphones, activewear, and equipment is highly practical and popular, including them in your marketing campaign can help your business reach potential leads and convert them into customers.

Awareness & Loyalty

When your customers or team members wear or carry products with your logo on them, they expose them to a large audience. And since sports promotional products last very long, your brand can enjoy and reap the benefits of this extended exposure for a long time. Moreover, by giving high-quality branded sports products, you can ensure the loyalty of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

When it comes to marketing for sports companies and brands, no other strategy is as effective and long-lasting as promotional marketing. Here at EverythingBranded, we help sports businesses choose the right branded merchandise for their promotions and events and ensure they meet all their marketing goals by providing well-designed, high-quality sports promotional products.

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