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Keep your Dog Happy with Custom Pet Products

4th February 2019 in Unique promotional products

This time of year can be lots of fun for all the family with the snow and ice, but don’t forget about your furry companions. They may have a thick coat of fur, but they still feel the cold and actions have to be taken to keep your dog warm. Pets are just as likely to get frostbite and hypothermia as their owners.

Keep your pet happy and warm during the cold spell by following these 3 steps!

If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog!

Keep your dog inside, especially overnight, when temperatures plummet even further in the evenings. Remember that temperatures indoors can also plummet. If you’re out, try to make sure temperatures in your home can never fall below a reasonable level (around 20C).

City walks!

It’s worth considering taking your dog on shorter walks during harsh weather, and in more populated areas where weather effects can be less extreme due to traffic and human pollution aka, thawed walking paths during snowfall.

Wash and dry your pet’s feet!

Always wipe your pet's paws after a walk with warm water and a towel. Salt and chemicals used to grit roads and pavements can be an irritant to their paws and can cause irritation and painful blisters.

It’s easy to keep your pooch happy this winter with our range of custom pet products!

From doggy bags to animal biscuits, we have everything you might need for your furry friend. Let your customers take a walk with your business and give them promotional dog leads, or keep them safe with our stand-out pet identity tags. The whole range can be customised with your logo to increase your brand awareness every time customers play with their much-loved pets.

Check out some of our favourite custom pet accessories, and, Leads & Collars

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