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How do we have a Greener Future Without “Green Washing”?

16th November 2023 in Press Releases

As a company that brandishes quantity of merchandise and worldwide shipping as their biggest selling points, how do EverythingBranded move towards a more environmentally friendly way of doing business without committing to unachievable goals?

The promotional products industry as a whole does not have a great reputation for positive, environmental action. Historically, we are an industry that creates cheap products, fast and in large quantities and there isn’t going to be a drastic revolution any time soon but there are ways in which we can sincerely and transparently commit to change.

Firstly, we looked to our suppliers. As eco products become more readily available, EverythingBranded created a campaign backed by social media, email and web content over all territories to push the benefits of choosing a product that may have a slightly higher unit price but pays back by being transparent and traceable- both great USPs and great for the environment.

We chose products that had data to validate their ecological impact – or lack of. Our global supply chain moves and manufactures products all over the world and it can be hard to monitor the sustainability of production and logistics. Fortunately, many of the suppliers we work with, have made a shift towards clearly communicating the credentials of products that claim to be eco-friendly, ensuring that our customers are receiving an item with verifiable eco impact.

The ways in which promotional products are being developed to reduce their effect on the planet is varied and includes:

 o   Phasing out the use of virgin fossil-based plastics.

o   Improving the ‘recycle-ability’ of products to make responsible disposal easier.

o   Use of recycled materials.

o   Exploring alternate dyeing processes to use natural dyes and less water.

o   Understanding the carbon footprint of manufacture and distribution.


Secondly, we launched a new initiative to support More Trees, a non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees around the world. Everythingbranded has committed to plant one tree for every 1000 products purchased from our eco range, offsetting some of the environmental implications of the business in a real and tangible way.

“We are committed to doing our part to protect the environment. We know that EverythingBranded and the wider industry aren’t perfect when it comes to sustainability, so we don’t want to get caught up in performative gestures.” said Rob, Head of Digital. “Our partnership with the More Trees is a way for us to put our money where our mouth is and support the regeneration of forests and woodland around the world – an important dedication for a global business.”

More Trees is a non-profit organization that has planted over 25 million trees in over 30 countries. The organization works with local communities to plant trees in areas where they are needed most, such as deforested areas, urban areas, and areas affected by natural disasters.

We are dedicated to authentic action and deliverables over empty promises and as time goes on, EverythingBranded will continue to be a leading force in every element of the promo industry.

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