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Gen Z – Marketing to the Next Generation of Taste Makers

16th November 2023 in Press Releases

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are the most diverse and digitally connected generation yet. They are currently the most influential generation in terms of consumer trends and they are future big business leaders.

Known for their authenticity, their commitment to social justice, and their desire to make a difference in the world, Gen Z are tech savvy and principled and these values are reflected in their purchasing choices.

At EverythingBranded we have been putting Gen Z staff at the heart of our business, driving content creation, marketing, and public comms in recent years, because who knows our potential customers better than them?

The results have been over 1 million impressions on our social media channels since the beginning of 2023 and a presence that feels youthful, dynamic and exciting. Because of this, big brands like Netflix, NASA and Microsoft who share those values, have chosen EB to provide a suite of merchandising solutions.

But the impact of this generation can be felt beyond the walls of EB Towers! Here are some examples of how Gen Z is shaping the economy:

  • Fashion: Gen Z is embracing gender-fluid fashion and sustainable materials. They are also supporting up-and-coming designers and small businesses.
  • Food and beverage: Gen Z is more adventurous in their food and beverage choices. They are also looking for healthier and more sustainable options.
  • Music: Gen Z is listening to a wider range of music than previous generations. They are also discovering new artists through social media and streaming services.
  • Entertainment: Gen Z is watching more diverse and inclusive content. They are also supporting creators of colour and LGBTQ+ creators.

Gen Z is a powerful force when it comes to taste-making and they will one day soon, hold positions of power in businesses in every industry, all over the world.Their choices are shaping the future of fashion, food, music, and entertainment and it is important that businesses recognise this in order to harness their spending power.

Here are some ways that businesses can appeal to Gen Z tastemakers:

  • Be authentic and transparent. Gen Z can spot insincerity from a mile away.
  • Be aligned with Gen Z's values.
  • Be innovative and creative. Gen Z is always looking for new and exciting things to try.
  • Be inclusive. Gen Z appreciates diversity and inclusion.
  • Be social. Gen Z is constantly connected online, so make sure you have a strong social media presence.

Traditional marketing will continue to have an impact on consumers but with the rise of Gen Z, the onus is on businesses to embrace the modern world and the new generation of adults who will, one day, have all the spending power.

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