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Did You Know?

14th January 2020 in Just for fun

Test your knowledge with these weird but interesting facts

Knowing some ‘did you know’ fun facts about your promotional products is a conversation starter at your next tradeshow or marketing event. Stand out from the competition and intrigue potential clients with your fun knowledge.

10 interesting ‘did you know’ facts

33% of people chew their own pen/pencil – this is why nowadays most pens have a hole in the top of the lid to help breathing if swallowed by accident.

Post-it notes were created by accident – Post-it notes are commonly used every day in the workplace and education industry. This handy tool is great for jotting down things to remember or used for learning purposes, but this product was made by mistake.

Pencils didn’t have erasers until 100 years ago - teachers thought erasers would encourage students to make mistakes and therefore were not allowed in schools.

8 in 10 consumers own between 1-10 promotional products. This means for every 8 out of 10 people some of them own up to 10 promotional products!

Before erasers were invented, bread was used to rub out pencil marks – Yes that’s correct! Bread was commonly used for removing pencil mistakes before the invention of rubbers.

85% of highlighters sold are yellow – One of the main reasons for this statistic is that yellow works well for people with colour blindness, hence why highlighters are so much more popular than any other colour.

Pencils can write underwater – Pencils have been around for centuries and been through several evolutions to what we know them as today. It is true that pencils can in fact write underwater and in zero gravity.

Promotional products increase brand awareness by 84% - That’s right! Promotional products are one of the most effective ways of getting your name out there and increasing brand recognition.

Over £840 million is spent on promotional products every year - this amazing figure only increases each year.

85% of people do business after receiving promo products – ensure your brand receives recognition at your next tradeshow with your own branded products!

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