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10 Of Our Favourite Promotional Keyrings

1st November 2022 in Gift

Whether you have a thriving business or are just getting started, promotional branded keyrings are a fantastic way to get free promotion every day for your company. There are many ways to promote your company with branded keyrings. We’ve already told you Why Your Business Needs Branded Keyrings, but here are some of our favourite branded keyrings.

10 Favourite Promotional Keyrings

P5/P6 Keyring

Our bestselling promotional keyring; the P5 has a good-sized branding area at a fantastic price! Available in a wide choice of colour options to suit your brand. The P6 version has a clear plastic clip attachment for a flat profile, making it perfect for low-cost mailings.

Tao Bottle and Can Opener Keychain

Being able to open a bottle or can anytime, anywhere while also promoting a brand in a sophisticated way, the Tao bottle and can opener keychain is the perfect accessory. The keychain is made of aluminium, making it strong and lightweight. Combined with the metallic finish, a printed logo on the keychain makes it stand out even more.

Hades Keyring (Laser Engraved)

Black leather keyring with silver satin body and split ring fitting, laser engraved with your logo in superb detail.

U1 Square Keyring

A perfectly sized square plastic keyring, with a printed paper insert. Available in clear plastic so the print can be seen on both sides, at no extra cost.

Kym Tyre Tread Check Keychain

Handy portable tool to check that the car's tyre tread depth is safe and within the legal limit.

Striker Football Keychain

Stress relievers vary slightly in density, colour, size and weight due to the moulding process which may prevent precise and uniform imprint. Imprint may break up. No half-tones.

Ad-Loop® Standard Keychain

Ad-Loop® Standard is a great low-cost keyring and is perfect for displaying short and snappy messages. It's available in a great choice of colours that can be mixed and matched to suit your brand. Please contact our customer service team for more colour combinations.

Harvey 0.5 Metre Foldable Ruler Keychain

Double-sided, printed ruler with 50 cm on one side and 20 inches on the other side. Divided into several foldable pieces.

Templar Genuine Leather Keyfob

Templar genuine leather key fob with a silver nickel metal insert and a 28mm standard split ring fitting. Fitted with a process-printed white or matt silver polycrown emblem.

Gerlos Roller Clip Keychain

The Gerlos roller clip has a carabiner and thanks to it's strong mechanism and the 60 cm long cord the visitor can easily attach a badge for quick display and storage. The Gerlos keychain is made out of strong ABS plastic and is available in several colours. Express delivery available!

We have over 1,100 branded keyring options available for your brand to make use of and benefit from. From executive leather and metal keyrings to plastic and shaped keyrings to practical and novelty keyrings, we have it all! Check out our wide range to find your next promotional keyring today.

Contact our dedicated sales team for more information on promotional keyrings and to get a quote.

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