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Why Promotional Drawstring Bags Are Popular With UK Businesses

21st February 2022 in Branding Advice

In the world of promotional marketing, some products enjoy the status of being timeless, and others that are more experimental. And promotional drawstring bags belong to the former. These light-weight yet impactful promotional products are one of the most commonly used promotional items by businesses in the UK. Branded drawstring bags are a familiar sight at almost every stall at tradeshows, new product launches, and other promotional events. And for good reason. Promotional drawstring bags are highly effective in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and are well-loved by customers.

But what is it about drawstring bags that makes them so popular?

The biggest reason is their practicality and versatility. Branded drawstring bags are easy to carry around and can be used by everyone, from athletes and school children to adults, for various purposes.

Another reason for their popularity is their cost. Customised drawstring bags are considerably cheaper than other promotional items and can be ordered in bulk without burning a hole in the pocket.

Businesses also like using promotional drawstring bags in their campaigns because they offer a large area for branding. Everything from brand name, logo, and message, can be printed prominently for everyone to see, even from afar. You also have the liberty to choose any colour scheme you want as they are available in many different designs and colours.

Businesses That Frequently Use Branded Drawstring Bags

Because drawstring bags have a wide range of uses for different people, they are frequently used by some industries to attract new customers and entice existing ones.


School uniforms are not the only things that can carry the school’s logo. Drawstring bags are also an excellent choice of promotional product for schools who wish to increase their brand awareness beyond the school gates. Plus, they are highly useful for the kids as they can use these bags to carry their PE clothes or lunch boxes.


Tradeshows are the best places to grab your target audience’s attention. And promotional drawstring bags can increase your brand’s visibility beyond the venue like no other. By giving branded drawstring bags to people, you can ensure that your brand goes home with them and becomes memorable with repeated use.

Charity Events

Drawstring rucksacks are the most cost-effective promotional items that can be used by charities to grab the customers’ attention at sponsored events, runs, festivals, and more. Customers always appreciate practical gifts that they can use for carrying stuff at the event, and after. Branded drawstring bags do just that and more! They can be used to carry other promotional items as well as any towels, water bottles, or other essentials that may be needed while participating in any events.

Any industry that involves long hours and requires employees to carry their water and food with them, can also benefit from using customised drawstring rucksacks. You can not only make sure your employees carry all the essentials they need while working, but also make sure your brand goes wherever they go after work.

Are you looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered! EverythingBranded has one of the best collections of branded drawstring bags online and can help you customise them to suit your needs. Simply call our branding specialists to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide the best drawstring bags for your campaign.

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